Sault Cosmetic Manufacturer expands to Southern Ontario.


One of Canada’s only commercially branded cosmetic manufacturer’s located right here in Northern Ontario, OC Hair Bath & Body Co. & Mountain Men Beard Co. Are proud to announce that they are expanding their chain of OC retail concept stores to Southern Ontario.

The first store slated to open June 15, 2019 in Peterborough.

Just 3 years ago, an electrical fire wiped out the entire business, and  are now officially back to where it was back then but now on track to expand their Fresh cosmetics to Southern Ontario Cities with the first Corporate Store being located in Peterbourough Ontario.

“We are hoping to have a 3rd store opened up in the GTA by fall/ winter of 2019” said owner, Tyler Onofrio said in a release.

“After our devastating fire, we were set back as we lost all our equipment, materials, systems and websites. We have changed a number of recipes to make them as natural and safe as possible (95-98% + natural).”

“With our new equipment we will be able to process faster, much more efficiently & our shelves will always be full. We will now be able to keep up with the growing global demand. Initially after the fire we were filling each bottle by hand, one at a time using a plastic bag and then weighing it twice. Now our recipes will be made the same way, but we will reply on automated filling machines to fill upwards to 30 bottles per minute. 1500-1800 bottles per hour, and a total reduction of plastic of upwards to 70% in just the last year.” Onofrio said.

With the new stores some minor changes will occur for the better, a user friendly VIP reward system will be replaced with a cash back option for immediate redemption, saving their VIP reward program members even more each time they come in. The Bottle refill program will be switched to a bottle replacement program, reducing further plastic being sent for recycling reducing further pollution. The bottles can be returned in any store and after 12 returned bottles, we will hand you a $10 gift card!

“We have also expanded our services to offer on site graphic design, bottle screen printing, bottle heat transfers and bottle sanitization to complement our current brand and processing requirements. As a manufacturer we manufacture our own 3 brands (OC Hair Bath & Body, Botanical Essential oils, Mountain Men Beard Co.)but also offer custom manufacturing & branding solutions for cosmetic Brands, Spa’s & Salons and promotional companies all over the world.”

We are excited to be one of Canada’s only branded cosmetic manufacturer’s and continue to provide #nobscosmetics.



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