1. Right now is the time to stop this nonsensical move and re-think the branding of the Sault Logo. Before we waste hundreds of thousands of dollars more to continue with this rebrand movement. The problem here we still have the same people steering things at city hall. This should have been brought to the taxpayers to weigh in on, long before the council voted. Once again our council shows disregard for the people of Sault Ste Marie. They do what they want, not what the people who voted them in want.
    Put a hold on this and look for a better, more suiting logo design. Do the right thing.

  2. Wow, and here I thought our logo was bad! Poor Whitby! 😢😢 It will be interesting to see if constituents there will prevail…not like in Sault Ste. Marie where most councillors and the Mayor completely ignored the many citizens who voiced their opinions about the circle of colours.

  3. It’s called laziness and lack of creativity (and making a quick buck). Both our logo and this one can be easily found or designed for you online for under $20.

  4. That is so true John, that is why I for one would like to see the bid that was put forward from the local company. I know Future SSM will say that they do not release that info but if they want us to believe them then transparency is number one.

  5. Is it something in the water causing these people of both cities to make all sorts of irrational decisions? The Sault logo was just plain unacceptable as is this Whitby one. Local business can easily come up with something better as they already proved but the city has this mentality that going out of town and spending obscene amounts of money for an inferior product is somehow better.

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