Shoemaker Issues Statement on Noront Announcement


Councillor Matthew Shoemaker issued the following statement concerning the Noront announcement at City Hall Tuesday.

This is a great day for Sault Ste. Marie. After a thorough and competitive process, Noront has determined our community is the ideal place to do business in Northern Ontario. As we embark on the next phase of Noront’s due diligence, there will be many questions, many answers, and a lot of leg work needed to move this project forward. I look forward to working with Noront, City Council and our Provincial and Federal governments to ensure today’s enthusiasm translates into real results tomorrow.



  1. Sault Ste Marie is desperate for jobs. Jobs are great but hexavalent chromium is not. Hexavalent chromium (chromium-6) is the inevitable byproduct of ferrochrome manufacturing. It is also a known deadly carcinogen causing squamous cell carcinoma of the lung by inhalation and cancer of the bowel by ingestion of contaminated water. It gained widespread notoriety through the movie “Erin Brockovich” which was based on the true story of a class-action lawsuit over the catastrophic effects of hexavalent chromium on the community of Hinkley, California. Hexavalent chromium persists to this day in the groundwater and drinking water of affected cities and areas of California and many other states. We need the environmental assessment to absolutely guarantee that this proposed ferrochrome plant will not poison our air, our groundwater and our drinking water and the entire Great Lakes and that Sault Ste Marie will not become another Hinkley.

  2. The Announcement to put the Ferro-Chrome in the Soo was just that—A Proposed Location—If the First Nation people hold back their agreement like they are holding up the Highway to the Second Line then the decision could be reversed and sent to Timmins where they don’t need any First Nation agreement.

  3. I do not know how I could have handled the ferro announcement without the comments of Mr. Shoemaker…the guy gearing up to replace Prov. next election. Good start.

  4. Are we to expect all the councilors to give a response or only the ones with a ballooned sense of importance?

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