Susan Myers Supports New Branding for City


Susan Myers who was a member of City Council 2006-2018, Manager of Marketing and Tourism SSMEDC 1989 – 2003. Overseer of development of Naturally Gifted logo, issued a statement Wednesday surrounding the controversy of the new Sault Ste. Marie brand.

At Tuesday’s City Council meeting, members voted 6-3 to accept a new branding plan and logo design for the City of Sault Ste. Marie for 2019 and beyond.

For anyone who listened to the discussion during the meeting, you must say it was thorough both in questions raised and answers provided.

Earlier this week on social media sites, I offered my congratulations and “well done” expression regarding the branding strategy.  It is 100% on the mark.  The approach is alive, fresh and exciting.  The various narratives that will be told and rolled out are our Sault Ste. Marie story.  In my view, they convey the hope and vision we all must have for the Future of Sault Ste. Marie.

I will state again that I commend the diligence of the project staff who led and implemented this extensive project.  The strategy is top drawer and you landed the plane in my opinion.

As is well known, my struggle has been limited to the visual icon or logo.

The former City logo, referred to as the Naturally Gifted logo, was developed under my time as Marketing Manager at SSMEDC.  It was created by local marketer Brian Brooks, a genius and industry leader and owner operator of Brooks Marketing Resources.

Clearly under this full disclosure I have a strong affinity with the “Naturally Gifted” logo icon and understandably, will always feel such as indeed it has been a winner.

Regardless of my own bias, the purpose of my statement today is to say I fully support the decision of City Council to implement the branding strategy including the new logo graphic icon.

It is a completely different approach as the Mayor said and I get the need for that.  I love the colours as they are representative of our beautiful area and natural resources of sky, water and forests.  That is why they were in the “Naturally Gifted” logo too.

However this approach very much presents a paradigm shift that we desperately need as a community.  If this change gets us further along that end goal, I am all for it.

In summary, I want to extend my support and best wishes for every success to City Council and City Staff as you work to move the community forward.  We elected you as our leaders to lead; I had that opportunity and privilege and now it is your time.


  1. Stop the Insanity.. I think it’s time to storm the council chambers with ‘branding-irons’ pitch-forks & proverbial torches.. demanding resignations, urine samples & or at least a psych assessment for any one who claims to see a ‘bridge’ & those who supported the multi million dollar hand-out to yet another ‘feel-good’ committee claiming to be the ‘voice’ of direct community engagement.

    Twenty seven friends & council member acquaintances congratulating themselves on face book, while pretending not to know each other.. suggests schizophrenic tendencies at best & or perhaps a little more nefarious behavior, by creating the ‘illusion’ of community support for hour proposals & grant applications that were previously denied or rejected during the last call for ‘shovel ready’ projects.

    There is no ‘bridge’ depicted in that hundred thousand dollar ‘etch’a-sketch’ & this so called ‘logo’ has now placed thousands of innocent people, seniors & little children ‘at risk’ of inexplicable seizures.. just sayin.

    Strange daze indeed..

  2. I cannot believe that this former councilor comes out with this. She should think about what she says.

  3. This may sound like a poor analogy, but spending money on this logo, as if it will be the be all and end all, is like buying a house and finding out shortly after the first rainfall, that the roof leaks and you need to replace it. But since you had your mind set on spending the equivalent amount of money on landscaping, a rear deck and a small shed, you decide to forgo the roof and frivolously spend it on all those feel good improvements. This logo will not help SSM attract anyone except people who will laugh at and ridicule us for voting in sub-standard and incompetent councilors at city hall. Good luck to all of us who have to pay for this nonsense.

  4. No one cared for her opinion when she was on council so why would you ask her opinion now we still don’t care

  5. Her pockets are heavily lined just like the rest of City Council, so they don’t seem to care where our hard-earned tax money is wasted. What a useless thing to spend money on. That $100,000 could have been put to much better use. Look at the problems we have here in the Sault! They sure don’t involve some stupid logo.

  6. A new brand is for image. It does nothing for the city itself especially within it . This is an image thing. It’s basically like a drug addict trying to hide track marks. Or planting a garden over a grave . Spend a shit load of money on a logo that wasnt even created in our own community like the graphic design classes we have here . It was created by some dude they paid in Toronto . They want to make it more appealing to the youth, are they bent ? We dont need a brand change what we need is more community and youth centers that’s where the money should have gone or a decent grocery store down town . Something other than a shit digital image . And who this window licker?

    • Brad Michael she claimed the fires would hurt the solar dryers lmao aka clothes lines… this women hurts my head. Lmao. She was also deeply offended by ‘ haters gunna hate ‘ tank tops ffs

  7. It seems to me you should be able to look at the logo and say that is Sault Ste. Marie. I do not get that no matter how hard I look.

    • I agree. Please tell me WHAT this logo says about our City or how it differentiates one place from another.
      I endorse the logo on her shirt but sure wouldn’t wear anything with this new logo on it. I’m actually embarrassed to have this new logo associated with our city. My out-of-town relatives are shaking their heads in wonderment and are perplexed by councils’ decision.

    • I agree with you, Bri, we can go with potholes, we have them on very street in this city, or a pizza slices, maybe a cabbage, I sure don’t see anything in the logo, that would remind me of Sault Ste Marie, sad to say 100.000 down the drain.

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