Sutherland Global Services to Shut Doors On Friday


What is going on at Sutherland Global Services in Sault Ste Marie? According to an anonymous source working at the call centre, employees have been told the doors to the building will be locked as of Friday at midnight. Most employees have been told the company is reverting to a ‘work at home’ program.

The source also indicated that black mould was found in the building on Friday.
ONN TV will continue to seek official confirmation from Sutherland.///


  1. Call centers are toast in the Soo. Agero has had less than 20 people apply in January and has lost 1/3 their employees. And they have less than 200 employees right now…nice try on that 250 plus number. At one time you had to fight for a seat. Now you have many to choose from. And they now close at 11 pm for lack of work. I was told Sutherland needed 200-400 people for two new campaigns but people are not applying so it stayed in Windsor. Every time someone says there are no jobs in the Soo I laugh. People here want jobs paying $25 an hour and unwilling to start at minimum wage even with benefits. Walmart hired many immigrants that recently moved here cause no one wants to work part time. Let’s build more apartments that will sit empty instead of doing more to attract employment

    • Actually theres just over 270 on phone employees across 2 shifts and 3 departments and over 300 if you count all off phone staff. Night shift wasent cancelled due to lack of work or calls but for other reasons. Trust me on this. Im in a position to know this. Drive by the parking lot and try tell me it’s a skeleton crew.

  2. They still have ppl working full time from their homes now. I dont know how many, but I picked up my brother in law there today with all his gear that he’ll use from home, staying gainfully employed.

    • We don’t need to plan, it’s here we need to adjust the way we do business. Not all jobs can be automated.

  3. Agents were told on one campaign today around 11:30 to go home as there are no more calls. They have not been told whether they have been terminated or placed on a lay off status. They were asked to click a link for a speedtest to determine whether or not they “qualify” for a work at home program. Those that knew and I repeat knew they were unable to accomodate work at home and advised the HR department that they could not do so were told to “prove it”. They were not told if they’re being terminated or laid off as they were given no paper work aside from a notice telling them to click the link and a link to H&R Block in regards to a T2200. There are some employees that live north of the Sault and can access internet through a hub and were told that if they meet the speed requirements of the test then they’re require to work from home or they can opt to quit. Coaches and Managers were given an option for demotion or to quit. This was handled in a very poor way. One campaign is apparently in there for another week because they are being trained for their new work at home roles. However crews will be in there to turn off all power to the cubicles and they will be stripping the place of anything of value and either shipping it to the company down in Windsor or they’re donating it to Habitat if it’s salvageable.

    As for the mould in the building the MOL was there and inspected it and determined that the amount that was found was not enough for them to be concerned with though I am sure if they were to remove move of the wall that was taken down they will find more.

  4. Ageros not closing soon or at all lol. Still 250 plus employees and still going strong. Just a lot of fake rumours

  5. City owns the building and hasn’t done any maintenance to it. In bad shape. Only one campaign is done Friday. Others in a few weeks. They have access until end of June. Should contact the company instead of “sources”.

  6. Not fully true. Work from home for some. Doors will not be locked as the building is needed until end of June. One campaign is done on Friday, others in a few weeks. The other call center isn’t hiring and a skeleton crew. Expect it to close Soo .

  7. Call centres seem on the decline everywhere. I wonder what the future holds for the one at McNab and Great Northern.

  8. Work at home, sure thing, NOT! They are toast much like many other businesses will be in this dying dictator style town, with the badly overpriced meaningless new logo!

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