Trudeau Celebrates Tariff Lift with Algoma Steel


Greetings, handshakes, and, yes, selfies, were exchanged during Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s visit to Algoma Steel on Friday morning.

This stop was part of Trudeau’s victory lap around Canada after the recent lift of the steel and aluminum tariffs.

After joining some of the steelworkers for lunch, Trudeau spoke about the recent tariff lifts and what his government plans to do to continue safeguarding tariffs and secure jobs.

“Lifting the tariffs takes off a big challenge,” he said in a media scrum. “particularly because here in the Sault there’s a tremendous amount of exposure to the American market.

“Those tariffs really were a challenge for Algoma and others.”

Trudeau acknowledged that while lifting the tariffs is an important step, there’s still more to do to ensure steelworker job security.

“We continue to have the safeguards on plate steel, we continue to look forward on ways of ensuring that we are protecting our steelworkers and the Canadian steel industry from the impact of a global market that is very challenging at times. We’re going to continue to stand strong against trans-shipments.”

Trudeau explained that these measures were integral to the approach his government took with the U.S and Mexico when they were lifting the tariffs.

“As we lifted our counter-tariffs, we committed to continue to watch very, very closely to make sure that our North American steelworkers are still secure and able to contribute the way they always have.”

“I think it’s a fabulous day,” Algoma Steel CEO Mike McQuade said in a media scrum.

“It’s basically a week after the tariffs came off, which was good news for all steel workers and certainly good news for Algoma and Sault Ste. Marie, so it’s a fabulous way to celebrate and reinforce what a positive step this was.”

McQuade said there was an obviously positive reaction when they heard the tariffs had been lifted, as they were “very determential” to the income of Algoma Steel.

“The lifting of (the tariffs) is a relief and secures reinvestment and confidence and financial performance of this industry and that’s key to citizens, the employees and so on.”


  1. Of course little Justin was happy to be out celebrating with real hard working ‘men of steel’.. poor little guy spent the entire ‘trade war’ hiding under his desk. Or maybe he was hiding behind his childhood cosplay & ‘dress-up’ buddy Steve Bronfman who is also the Liberal Party treasurer.

    Little Justin had to put a ‘little distance’ between them when Clare Bronfman, heiress to Canadian liquor giant Seagram & Keith Raniere, were charged for the rolls they played, in the largest international sex cult slavery & child pornography ring in human history – Nxivm..

    Justin tried playing ‘hide the monkey’ by tag-teaming a few headlines with Chrystia Freeland during these Trump ‘trade negotiations’ & together they came so close to having transgendered bathroom(s) incorporated into the agreement.. Then, some one ‘blew-the whistle’ on SNC-Lavalin & the coke snorting hookers.. rolling across the country, with the son of a dead Libyan dictator.

    Thank-gawd he found a ‘pride parade’ to hide in.. poor little Justin, under attack from every possible angle & then Jodi Wilson – Raybould whips out a tape-recorder. Absolutely refusing to help him ‘make these coke snorting hookers go away’. He found out instead on April 2.nd via the ‘Buffalo Chronicle’ that both Steve Bronfman & Gerald Butts were grooming Chrystia Freeland to replace the poor little guy as the party leader.. how messed up is that.?

    Thank-gawd this Trump thing pretty much worked itself out & he found some ‘Good ‘ol Boys’ here in the Sault to help him spew a few more selfies & a couple of trendy #hashtags like Diversity, Prosperity & the Rule of Law.. now he’s ready to hump the next leg of this great race by tackling the ‘Real Issues’ that ‘Real Canadians’ are ‘Real Worried’ about .

    True story-bro.. for real, just sayin.

    Strange daze indeed..
    [email protected]

  2. An absolute disgrace to this country!! “Peoplekind, $10.5 million to a convicted terrorist, telling our veterans they are asking for to much, carbon tax, acting like a baffoon while visiting other countries, and making Canada the laughing stock of the world…. lets vote this loser out in October!!

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