1. For people that didn’t watch the council meeting, it was stated that approximately 750 were involved in developing this new logo. In one online poll, there was 2,775 respondents, of which 2,424 rated it “cringeworthy” and 351 were ok with it. Now if you do the math, only 351 members of the committee replied that it was awesome.

  2. Big waste of money imo. The city just worked on updating our original logo a couple years ago, so why or rather who at the city is so obsessed with rebranding? I thought the old logo was great, and I thought it did a much better job at representation our area. It’s just my opinion but this logo looks like one of those puzzles you stare at to try and read the hidden number. I can tell you there’s definitely one thing hidden in this picture for sure… It’s meaning 🤔.

  3. NO! I do NOT support the decision to go ahead with this insane logo. And I am very, very angry that they spent my hard earned tax dollars to pay for this insanity.

  4. Shame on the cost; shame on the design; and shame for not “shopping local”! A JK student could have designed better with simple imagination and crayons!

  5. Perhaps everyone who dislikes the new logo and thinks it was a big waste of money should consider whether or not you want to vote for those elected counsellors who voted in favour of it In the next election.

  6. No, it looks like it was a waste of 2 years and $10,000. If you were going to change it up, at least make it something that actually DOES represent or help tell what we have to offer in Sault Ste Marie. Not a circle with different colours and shapes.

  7. Left this city in the late 70’s….Came back 3 years ago
    Nothing has changed. Money wasted on a new logo for the city…a joke. Spend some of the tax payers dollars on fixing roads, and other important issues.

  8. I’m from lower Michigan, but I and my family love Sault Canada so much that the lock screen on my phone looks like this. Sad to say the new logo won’t take its place

  9. What was wrong with the old logo and branding?? …you could absolutely identify with the Soo with the old logo…this new logo has no identity without explanation…it does not represent the Soo easily …why was there a need for a change??

  10. Does anyone know off hand what the logo of North Bay, Barrie or Orilla is?! Because I sure don’t lol! What ppl will remember when coming to our city is lack of tourist attractions,variety of shopping centers, the drug issue etc…..not our logo! I can’t even with this city sometimes 🤦‍♀️🙄👎🏼

  11. Very strange, I don’t see how this would represent the Sault. A circle with colors? Not much of an image. Looks like one of those tv symbols when they’re off the air. Did we really pay for this? 😧

  12. This so-called logo.is horrendously indistinct. St least the previous logo visually depicted the region — waves, hills and a maple leaf. I showed this to someone here in Windsor… It did not suggest to them any link to a city.

  13. No, nada, nope. Friggen ugly! Leave things alone! There was no need to change this at all! What’s next? Name of city? Our English language to something else? Get a grip and do something useful with the cities money.

  14. If you have to explain it then the new will not do its job on brandingvthe city. And that Nike comment from a councilor is ill considered when Nike spends hundreds of millions on marketing

  15. Blah blah blah hate it blah blah blah tax dollars blah blah blah something nasty about city council – I’m a typical facebook commenter and I approved this message.

    • Josh
      You are out of line. Do you work at City Hall or are related or friends of someone who does? Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    • Patricia A MacDonald I agree… It doesn’t represent the soo and looks to much like a certain other logo you know too well! (If it was all one colour)

  16. What a waste of tax payers dollars. The old logo was fantastic. It made sense, it was recognizable, it was identifiable. This one is hard on the eyes.

  17. I do not like the new logo. I agree with many other comments on here. I think there are plenty of wonderful local artists that could have created a much better logo to represent our City.
    Waste of money 😞

  18. brutally blah when people look at this they are going to say what does that have to do with sault ste marie..remember the wolf on the sault star thats a logo…a coalition of the locks and mile hill would have a been better logo

  19. I’m all for rebranding, but this logo, as the most identifiable part of the Sault “brand” just doesn’t do it. No one is going to look at this and immediately identify it as representing Sault Ste. Marie ON…I’ve read the 3-paragraph explanation several times, and I still don’t see the correlation. Could use a slice of pizza, now, though….

  20. So what is it supposed to represent? Because, I’m not an artist, but I’m pretty sure I could have designed something more symbolic of SSM.
    I don’t like it at all

  21. I don’t know what is more embarrassing. The logo or the description of what it’s supposed to be. So many locals to choose from to create our logo and we pay 100 grand for this. Ridiculous! 🤬

    • Laurie Stewart all I see is a circle with coloured triangles even Spirograph would of done a better looking logo I don’t at all think there is anything wrong with the one we have, spend the $$$$ where it needs to be spent an other example is the memorial gardens 👎👎👎👎smh

  22. There are incredible local artists who could have worked with a graphic designer to incorporate the city in a visual that would have been much more appealing. So disappointed in this. …

  23. Maybe I’m becoming OCD but the inner pieces of pie do not match. The green is pointed and the others have rounded points yet none are the same. I honestly don’t see the point of this logo with the exception of the green piece of pie. Long live trivia pursuit.

  24. Maybe I’m becoming OCD but the inner pieces of pie do not match. The green is pointed and the others have rounded points yet none are the same. I honestly don’t see the point of this logo with the exception of the green piece of pie. Long live trivia pursuit.

  25. Too many things changing in the Sault that doesn’t need changing. A circus is coming to Sault and they can’t bring the horse riding or pony rides. I can see no exotic animals. The Sault is getting ridiculous.

  26. It’s just a logo people. I have really never heard anyone say hmmm I think I’ll move to that city because of their cool logo. They are forgettable really. Anybody know any other city’s logos offhand?

  27. Just a thought…… but maybe city council should start thinking of having us, as tax payers, more involved in some decisions that happen in this city. Just saying!

  28. It’s a disgrace and very embarrassing!the other logo really was something to be proud of! This is nothing to be proud of. This logo has nothing to do with the Sault , the other logo represented the Sault

    • it just seems like a HUGE waste of Money! That could be FAR better spent 😓 so disappointed in this… & we have SO MUCH Talent in this City! They could have done a contest & then had a vote as to which one was the most popular or something & that part wouldn’t have cost us basically anything… or could have even had a prize for the winner… to me a logo should say Something to you… this says absolutely nothing to me…

  29. They should have came up with 3 new designs using local artists as a contest and also include old logo and have a city opinion survey to decide. Should have used 100k on things needed for city such as road resurfacing. This newly voted in council should resign not to smart.

  30. I just shake my head… no, no, no…how does this represent our city? Why did you have to pay a large sum of money to a Toronto company? Why not keep the money local? Hire a local artist who knows the area? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  31. You know – for logos on jackets, golf shirts, embroidered or screened anywhere – every single extra colour costs extra. So just to have it embroidered on all of councils new jackets will cost a fortune alone.

  32. uh not sure why it took so long to design this but…..what is the point of the logo? Like is there a meaning behind it cause it isn’t very unique or glamorous.

  33. No. Our city councillors made a very poor decision last night. And if this ridiculous #CatTax is adopted, I’m very certain we’ll find some good candidates to oppose the incumbents in 3 years time.

    • Donna Weeks really name me one other city’s logo. I couldn’t think of any. I knew Toronto’s was a building, forgot it was city hall until I looked it up. No one will remember this logo.

    • Until you do something meaningful, that livens and HELPS Sault Ste. Marie develop into a better city re: branding/ business whatever it may be, I really don’t want any further BS comments from you.

    • Aaron Clearly you keyboard warriors have missed the point.
      Have you even READ and looked through the new campaign?
      The efforts being made by the youth and artists of Sault Ste. Marie to make the city more visually appealing?
      Appealing in general, really.
      If you look at any other city, the Sault is a dump visually.
      Rebranding, changing the visual of the downtown core is going to bring an exponential amount of visitors to the community
      Christ, if you all think 100k literally went to just 1 design, you need to get your heads checked.

    • Kat Foisy the point is 100 grand and this is what they come up with..this shows no meaning towards the sault…if u have to be told the meaning behind it then it’s a pointless waste of money…that could have been better spent in numerous places…this logo is not going to bring visitors to the sault…fixing the current problems the sault has is a better solution than a logo…ie roads…drugs…crime…shops…jobs and so on
      If u think this logo is the fix all then u need to get out more

    • Dude.
      My mind isn’t going to be changed, you can bully and berate all you want.
      I’ve lived in numerous cities in Ontario, they’re doing the right thing here.
      It’s not just the ####### logo, you’re all so ignorant to the idea of change.
      It’s absolutely baffling

    • I’m all for change to help this city…I was born and raised here…and have also lived in multiple city’s across Canada…but this! This logo..isn’t going to suddenly change this city and fix its problems

    • Kat Foisy yeah the logo needs a 2 page write up to explain itself lol. Not good. The Sault, visually is a dump compared to Sudbury and Thunder Bay?

    • Sudbury and Thunder Bay need work as well. Clearly.
      But cities that want to make changes in a better direction have done rebranding campaigns to boost tourism etc successfully

    • They could have used that hundred grand to “fix the current problems”, but that’s still nowhere near enough to make a dent.
      So, if they have a hundred grand to give it all they’ve got, take a chance, and throw lipstick on a pig. Why not?
      Using this campaign, they could easily turn around revenue for the city, and EARN enough to do so correctly instead of putting bandaids on everything: Why are you going to even argue with that

    • Also, were talking about rebranding the Sault. Where you live. Work on home first, then worry about why the #### other cities aren’t stepping up their shit.

    • I think when you listen to the whole city council meeting, hear the dedication and thought and work behind it.. I love it, I understand it.. great job! Change is good. I also understand some of the ward questioning “how will people know just by looking at it”.. in time, that is the brand.. you just know it by seeing it like many other things!! 👏
      (There are honestly better things to disagree or debate on, some are so childish in this matter)

    • I’m not looking to change your mind Kat Foisy lol u obviously think that this colorful circle is going to suddenly bring in “an exponential amount of visitors” to the sault and brighten up our downtown core that is riddled with drug abuse…and your are entitled to your opinion 😉 just like everyone else.

    • Kat Foisy open your eyes,,comments NO,what part of that don’t you understand,,where all a part of the Sault,we should have a say,,,OH WAIT,,KAT FOISY IS THE ONLY ONE THAT LIVES IN THE SAULT AND IS ALLOWED SMART A COMMENT. Get a life

    • Again, entitled to my opinion.
      But because I’m one of the few that agrees with the change I get jumped on by all those opposed.
      I wasn’t bitching and whining oh whyyyy me, get a grip Sandra.
      It’s over and done with.

    • I said I liked a logo.
      And this is the result.
      I think you’re the one who needs to give it a rest.
      Pretty sure what little discussion we had over an hour ago on this comment thread is good and done.

  34. NO! Serious waste of our taxes! 100000 to change our city logo to something no one will understand the meaning unless specifically told! FIX the roads! They are actually broken!

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