VIDEO: Students On Full Display at GFL Memorial Gardens


Over the past two months, students at the Algoma District School Board have worked alongside veterans, teachers, artists and other project partners to design murals inside the GFL Memorial Gardens.

The focus has been to engage students in a Community Connected Experiential Learning opportunity. On May 23rd, project partners and students celebrated the GFL Memorial Gardens Mural Project with an unveiling and a display of student artwork that was developed throughout the course of the initiative.

The purpose of this project is to create public art that will attract and engage visitors to explore the GLF Memorial Gardens, and promote public arts to youth and the community in general. This initiative is part of FutureSSM’s Community Art Project (CAP) which aims to revitalize neighborhoods, celebrate local history, promote arts & culture, and create economic opportunities.

ONNtv stopped by the event to speak with Future SSM and Braxton, a student from White Pines about the initiative.