VIDEO: The Soo May Be Rebranded Come Tuesday


Future SSM is ready to head to the council meeting come Tuesday to seek approval on a new brand for the city.

With a new logo and slogan, Travis Anderson, project manager for Future SSM, is excited to get the ball rolling on implementing the new look.


  1. WHO IS RESPONSIBILE FOR THIS CREATION, who ever it is should be Fired.This is got to be the ugliest and most horrible thing ever created .Not a good impression of our City.I see the opioid problem has taken another casualty Common Sense.

  2. It does represent the People of Sault Ste Marie .People with a very awful opioid problem and no way to fix this.We have to lump this as Most People find this ridiculous logo insulting
    We dont have to accept this idiotic logo it’s not us!
    NATURALLY Gifted is much better and represents who we really are !

  3. We don’t even have jobs to support this. City Hall doesnt want change and that is where we need to start. clean house and bring in new. they support queen street and thats not bringing jobs here let alone being able to shop there when they close at 5. We need a lot more than this new theme.

  4. Problem is, who wants to come to this shit hole? Taxes are high, roads are shit, politics lie and steal, nothing to do!

    Lowering taxes is a start to making ssm thrive. No one will come here if it costs a fortune, nor will people open businesses!

    Let’s play a game, name the businesses that have closed in the last 10 years and I’ll let you be the judge to as why!

    I don’t think people realize how much we give the government in tax (provincially and federally). That’s where the problem starts!

    Don’t get me wrong, I hate to say that about our city, but look what it’s become.

  5. This new logo identifies with nothing. The old one is 100 X better.
    What birdbrain authorized $100.000 of our tax money for this worthless Spirograph creation? KEEP THE OLD ONE.

  6. I’m hoping that with this “rebranding”, it would include some new and improved shopping in this city. We sure have enough restaurants and fast food places. Some stores many would love to see are AE, Costco, Gap, Old Navy, Costco, Home Sense, etc.. Keep us here and our money as well instead of forcing us to travel to clothe our families and look for affordable merchandise.

  7. A new brand doesn’t get rid of the problems
    Young people and mid adult people don’t want to work why would they it’s too easy for them to get welfare the crime rate is getting out of control the drugs is out of control
    Yes every city has it but the soo is becoming the spot to be in when it comes to that the soo looks rough now the buildings the areas everything is turning into a dump
    I don’t think anew brand will help that

    • Sadly you have some valid points, Barbie Michelle Isabelle Siegwart.. Sadly the fact that we`re supposed to be getting a Ferrochrome Plant here which is hazardous to the environment and health isn`t much incentive for people to come here either.

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