A couple new features worth mentioning…

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After receiving some great suggestions from viewers over the past several months, we’ve made a few tweaks and have added a few more features to SaultOnline.com as follows:

Main Menu Changes and SAH ED Wait Times

In co-operation with Sault Area Hospital, we’ve added a page to display the estimated wait times for both the Main and Fast Track Emergency Departments. This new page also includes a number of other helpful resources such as information on Community Clinics.

To accommodate easy access to the new SAH ED Wait Times and the future addition of other useful Community resources, we’ve changed the “Getting Around” menu label to “Community Info”. Bridge cams, Bus Routes & Schedules as well as Lowest Gas prices are still available under this new menu label.


New “Report Comment” Feature

Although our content team makes every effort possible to moderate comments left on stories that may contain offensive language, defamation or other inappropriate content, the sheer volume of comments can become overwhelming at times.

There are a number of automated processes deployed to help the team out such as language filters and auto-approval of comments (after a viewer posts two comments without the need for moderation). However, as we’ve all come to realize, nothing is perfect nor fool-proof.

We’ve received several suggestions from viewers to add a “Report Comment” feature which would give viewers the opportunity to help our content team out by bringing inappropriate comments we’ve missed to our attention. Yet another instance where Saultites are quick to step up to the plate and offer their support!

A few days ago we implemented this requested feature with a “Report Comment” link now located after every comment submitted. When this feature is used, it will hide the reported comment from view and flag it for moderation by our content team.

JUST TO BE CLEAR: It is NOT our desire to attempt to silence anyone’s voice and we take great pride in providing our Community with a platform, which for the most part, facilitates the ability for healthy debate, constructive venting and more! Having said this, comments found to contain inappropriate language, slanderous, defamatory, or other potentially offensive comments, etc. will be moderated and removed if necessary.

We encourage all our viewers to refer to our Terms of Use policies to ensure SaultOnline.com can continue to be the open platform so many of us come to rely on to be heard within our Community.