A Final Resting Place For Your Pet


WM Wright Memorial Pet Cemetery – SJI Lions Club Located on the P line on St. Joseph Island there is a quiet setting surrounded by large maple trees, you will find one of the closest places to heaven. It is the site for the WM Wright Memorial Pet Cemetery operated by the SJI Lions Club. The death of a pet can be difficult, for some it is comparable to the loss of a family member. Mourning can be intense for owners who were emotionally or physically dependent to their animal friend. Due to social norms many feel unable to express their grief. Having a beautiful resting place for their loved pet helps with coping as well as gives them an opportunity to visit.

As per waymarking.com: “The William Wright Memorial Pet Cemetery was originally the site of a Presbyterian Church. William Wright donated the land on which it was built. The Church burned down just about the time the Presbyterians and The United Church amalgamated. The cemetery behind the Church was moved to the United Church Cemetery further down the P Line. David Wright, the grandson of William, inherited the property and started a pet cemetery on the site of the former Church Cemetery. He named it after his grandfather.

David operated the cemetery until his health forced him to give it up. He approached the St. Joseph Island Lions Club and asked if they would take over the operation of the Pet Cemetery. The members agreed and the deed to the property was transferred to the club. The only stipulation was that we keep the name, The William Wright Memorial Pet Cemetery. This non-profit cemetery remains a safe haven for deceased pets and all proceeds are used for charitable purposes, as David Wright had wished.

Since the St. Joseph Island Lions have taken over, several additions and improvements have taken place. When the original site was filled, the two other sections were opened up. The tool shed was turned and wired to accommodate 2 freezers for winter storage. Removing rocks and leaves and cutting the grass are ongoing projects.” The SJI Lions accept the responsibility of caring for the pet cemetery with greatpride”


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