Art Gallery Launches Summer Exhibits


Art enthusiasts gathered at the Art Gallery of Algoma on Wednesday night for the launch of their summer exhibits. These exhibits include part of the art gallery’s collection as well as featuring art from local artists.

Art Gallery Director Jasmina Jovanovic told SaultOnline that this year, the five local artists featured are all women (Metamorphosis: Connecting with Glass exhibition – Carson Merriefield, From My Perspective exhibition, featuring Karin Doleske, Jackie Janisse, Annie King, and Kyrstiana Bourdage), making this exhibit a unique one for the gallery.

“I don’t think that (female artists) get enough recognition and enough presence on the art scene,” she said.

“And they’re all active in the Sault and Algoma, so I think they deserve this.”

Jovanovic said she thinks showing local art is an important way to show people what the community is all about.

“Artists and art are what the community is all about, not just industry and trade,” she said.

“And it’s also the culture, and visual art is part of that culture and I think that identifies who we are and people can see what the people who live here want to talk about through their artwork, in terms of their thoughts and perspectives on life and different issues in life.”

Jovanovic invites both Saultites and visitors to come enjoy the exhibits, which will be on display until mid September.


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