Bear Shot Dead Downtown


What was described as a ” thin, scared young bear” by bystanders was shot dead yesterday in the downtown area. The encounter was videoed by a local website and posted on facebook.

The Sault Ste. Marie Police Service received a call regarding a bear roaming the downtown area in the late afternoon on June 11th, 2019. Officers responded, and ushered the bear from the area.

Later, Police responded to another call about a bear in the downtown and were able to contain the animal to an enclosed area by repeatedly encouraging it to remain behind a dumpster.

Police contacted the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry to request a Bear Technician attend the scene. While waiting for the Ministry Technician to attend, a crowd gathered in the area, and the bear attempted to leave the area.

Repeated attempts by officers to guide the animal back behind the dumpster were ignored by the bear and it became agitated.

Concerned about how the animal may react to the growing crowd if it broke through the police containment area, unfortunately no other option was available but to put the animal down. The City Board of Works collected the bear afterwards.

This unfortunate situation serves as a reminder to the public that if you see a wild animal roaming in the city do not approach or gather near it. For further information regarding how to deal with a bear encounter please reference the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry’s Bear Wise page.


  1. So pissed at how this was handled. It’s amazing how a poor young lost bear was not tranquillized and relocated. I can’t accept any excuse for this barbaric shooting. I hope you all involed are haunted with this murder. You should be ashamed, this could have been handled with a wonderful ending. But, oh no just another disappointment in SSM. Disgusting!

  2. I live here. The mnr are pathetic. That bear probably grew up at the dump 5 km away. I figure it just got lost. Our town has a cage, Has tranquilizers, has the man power. I appalled they would handle it like they did. But in not superseded…

  3. Makes me wonder what happened to the moose last week ..
    The wildlife had their habitate taken away for the windmills..i live in the country and see the difference they made …wildlife have moved down and are seem more frequently ..
    Good job Humans

  4. Lmfao when I saw yesterday that there was a bear in our downtown. I was like why haven’t the police shut this bear yet. Today I see that the bear is finally shut. After last spring and all the bear attacks. Its about d#%$ time the city police take action. Thank Sault Ste Marie Police for finally protecting our citizens of this city from more bear attacks. Even though the tree huggers don’t like it much.

  5. I understand that everyone is blaming the crowd but when we drove by, there was no crowd and the officers had 2 vehicles boxing the animal in and one officer had a long gun. Reading other comments, others there after me stated that there were some onlookers in the parking lot watching but noone was near the officers. Who is going to crowd an officer with a rifle drawn? Why not just direct those in the parking lot to leave and close off/secure the area until mnr arrives?

  6. The people that crowded around this bear are just as guilty as the police that shot the bear. These are wild animals and we have already occupied more than enough of their environment. This poor baby bear did not deserve to die. The police should have done their job and controlled the crowd, and left the mnr to do their job to relocate the bear to a safe place. Everyone of those people there today should be ashamed.

  7. There you go all you people asking where the officials were it’s common knowledge if enough ppl complain they consider the bear to have been domesticated by the people . Every time you call about a bear it gets shot dead same here in B.C.

  8. really!that was the only solution for this basically lost animal. all the parties that were involved made a difficult decision. when faced public safety or the life of a cornered bear .We all know that there are more and more incidents of bears in neighborhoods perhaps the officials should be better equip to handle them without destroying them . sad out come!!

  9. They wouldn’t need to shoot the poor animal if people minded there own effing business and didn’t form a crowd around a scared wind animal,

  10. its the people’s crowding that did this.. not the containment. They were waiting for someone from the wildlife place to come but people kept trying to get near the bear, thus aggravating him/her. People still to this day are still so stupid when it comes to wildlife. At the end of the day, humans are far more dangerous than any animal on the planet and yesterday proved that.

  11. Were the natural resources moving quick enough on tbe call tk prevent the situation? It does not found like it just the police being heros with the guns

  12. absolutely disappointing, we should know by now that this type of thing happens all the time in the spring/summer, we should be prepared with the appropriate equipment to sedate and relocate these poor creatures. Nice job Sault Ste Marie.

  13. This angers me . We keep taking rhei territory from them to build houses and businesses..and when rhey are lost and wandering we just shoot them.? Why not tranquilize?
    All the people surrounding it just made it worse 🤨

  14. I don`t believe there was no other option than to kill the bear. They could have tranquilized it . AND they could have got the people away so the bear wasn`t “àgitated” . I would like to know why this wasn’t done. It says something about humans that we kill any animal because “it’s a nuisance”. Had the bear been violent and going after people things would be different but this poor hungry bear wasn’t interested in attacking anyone. he was just hungry, This makes me sad and angry


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