Beware of Bay Street


As reported two weeks ago, the City is moving ahead with the multi-million dollar Bay Street reconstruction. The City will work on the project, which will turn Bay Street from a four lane to a two lane road, one block at a time.

This requires the removal of the traffic lights.

A two vehicle crash occurred at the Dennis Street and Bay Street intersection Saturday afternoon resulting in moderate damage to the vehicles. No one was reportedly hurt in the crash.

A stop sign is posted for south bound traffic into the Station Mall parking lot and north bound traffic exiting the mall via Dennis Street.

It’s best to very  cautious in this area while the construction project proceeds.


  1. Stupidest idea by the city so far. They could have taken it down to 3 lanes giving us effectively 2 turn lanes and a cruising lane.

    Other streets? Pretty sure they already crippled the flow of Albert already by giving Gore priority over it.

    Pretty sure next they’ll suggest dropping the speed limit of all major roads to 40.

  2. Another fine display of careless driving. What are the fire trucks going to do when there is gridlock in the 2 lanes and they can’t get to a fire?
    2 lanes vs 3 or 4 could be the difference between life and death.
    As usual the city makes another bone head move without thinking about the consequences and spending money that is desperately needed elsewhere.

  3. Ppl will just have to learn to use the other streets that run thru the downtown area…its amazing how well it works in much bigger citys no reason it cant work here

  4. Who’s the person that makes a decision to take a traffic light and replace it with a little sign. how dare you. do you work for any body shops locally. this is not right that you should make this king of of decision because you clearly cant.

    • Who’s the person who ignores a stop sign? Who’s the person that sides with an inept driver?

      I drove down the street yesterday and clearly saw that the light was removed and that there was a stop sign. Perhaps because I slowed down due to all the construction equipment and barrels lining the street.

  5. Stupidity is having two lanes going straight on Bay at a four way stop . Great stupidity by city planners .

    • Actually it’s great stupidity by the person who ran the stop sign.

      If you’re driving down a road with construction equipment on both sides and construction barrels defining the driving area and don’t see a stop sign or pay attention to any other changes that may be implemented on the road when it’s under construction then you are the fool.

      And, you are a fool for blaming someone other than the vehicle operator for the accident.

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