Big Changes For Wellington Square Mall


An east end mall is about to undergo major changes that will transform the mall into a plaza.

ONNtv / has confirmed with local  mall management , Terry Slewidge that the Wellington Square Mall will become a plaza format with store fronts facing Trunk Road.

The Mall has been owned by a Toronto based management company since it first opened in the early 1980’s. At that time the mall attracted about 30 national and locally owned stores including Radio Shack, Saans and Red Apple.  Boulder’s department store was the western anchor of the mall with the A&P food stores as the other major anchor. The mall also had sit down restaurants  and various offices including the first call centre occupied a large space for about five years.

In recent years most of the mall has sat vacant, only attracting small locally owned businesses .

Currently the Food Basics Grocery Store is the only major store at the mall along with IDA Drug Mart

There has been no date given as to when renovations will begin on the shopping centre. Some of the tenants that have spoke with say they remain in the dark as to what exactly the plans are. Other tenants have also been told to leave.  It’s expected that the IDA drug mart will remain at the Trunk Road shopping centre along with the Food Basics grocery store.  It has not been confirmed if the existing mall area will be demolished or renovated into a plaza format.

More details surrounding the plans for the Wellington Square Mall will become public in a few weeks according to sources.



  1. People, it is just rumors! Don’t get your panties in a bunch. I believe it is a Dr. Chong from Toronto that owns the mall. If it happens it happens.

  2. What is wrong with the oversight of growth in this city? We used to dream big, to grow, be progressive (but realistic). Now we pin our hopes and dreams on things like Giant Tiger and landing Amazon? Talk about expectations from one extreme to another….

  3. It is not the fault of the mall or the businesses but the fault of the people who do not want to shop there. Of course having stores that people want to shop that would help, too. also having an anchor store does not always help because Food Basics had an entrance to the mall and the mall business was no different.

  4. They are suppose to be cutting it in half so it will be more like a strip mall when done. Giant Tiger is suppose to be going in there…..I’m hoping they follow thru 😁

  5. I love how people still complain when good things happen. What a wonderful mentality. Smh….not. This is why the sault can’t have nice things. People just don’t stop.

  6. And the downsizing of the hamlet continues…too expensive to maintain the interior, so turn it into a strip mall.

  7. Great story. I would like to know some specifics, though. For example which stores were “told to leave” by management?

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