Council to Look Into Attracting People to the Sault


City Council will be asked during their meeting Monday evening to recruit the Innovation Centre, the Sault Ste. Marie Economic Development Corporation and Future SSM to set up a taskforce to develop a targeted recruitment plan to attract and retain remote workers in the knowledge-based industry from the Greater Toronto area to locate here to the Sault.

“The collective missions of the Innovation Centre, the Sault Ste. Marie Economic Development Corporation and Future SSM all include attracting new business to our community,” a report in the council agenda says.

“The modern workforce is changing in terms of corporations allowing flexible and remote work agreements, especially in knowledge-based industry.”

Findings from a 2017 global survey of over 24,000 workers by Polycom Inc.reported that the vast majority of respondents (98 per cent) agree that an anywhere working approach boosts productivity, as people can choose to work where they are most efficient, the report says.

The survey also revealed that 62 per cent of the global working population is working flexibly – more than ever before, with over 400,000 people working in the Technology Industry in Toronto, with 1,800 technology based companies located in Toronto.

“Growing our business community helps grow a healthy community,” the report says.


  1. Will be just like the other shit hole over populated countrys Mexico japan china crime will be way higher then it’s now and there will be way more pollution more sickness it will be just beautiful wont it

    • Steve Childs I am a Finn Swede and my family’s immigrants here and helped to build Canada. I was born here and I went back to Sweden for 4 years, married a Swede and you would not believe the difficulty it was for us to get papers into Canada. And with a medical profession to boot. I dont see why these people get money to come into Canada … can’t even read write or even speak English and they get the best jobs going…. they put them in government jobs. It is sickening and I’m so sick of it as a Canadian. Immigrants from Scandinavia and Europe have helped build Canada but these people are here to destroy it.

      • Mailis

        Immigrants today probably fill out the exact same paperwork and jump through the same hoops as your family did. We have a merit-based sytem and unless you have education or a trade, you’re not coming. And immigrants need money to support themselves for at least a year. (approx $25000 each)
        Maybe you are confusing immigrant with refugees ?
        Refugees don’t need skills and get a loan from the government for expences. They have to repay their flights, hotel stays and food allowances.

  2. Great council we have. Millions being spent on Bay Street while there appears to be no money to repaint the lines on our streets. Is this not a real safety issue?

  3. Lets not forget that council wants to widen Black Road because there is traffic congestion for an hour day. And they are narrowing Bay street so we can have the same problem downtown.

  4. We dont even have a tour boat anymore. I don’t want to be a party pooper but there is just nothing to do in Sault Sainte Marie. We have a lot of restaurants and a couple of movie theaters but really what else is there that people can do for fun that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?

  5. Why so they can drive on our 2 lane bay street… I don’t get it we want to expand .. and we narrow the main street to our down town and our beautiful waterfront and 2 main highways … every where else is widening their streets sorry makes no sense to me ! That 6 plus million could have fixed a lot of roads … pretty soon we will hang a sign .. welcome visitors .. free alignments after 30 minutes of driving in our city !!

  6. Bring in as many as possible. They will stimulate the economy by paying taxes, by starting businesses, by contributing to the community. Dont assume they are talking poor people with this policy….or folk on social support. They are talking skilled trades, entrepreneurs, families with money, new ideas, new influences, new business opportunities, new networks, new families. They need more children to keep the schools open….to employ the current nurses, teachers, to boost the retail market….to open manufacturing plants and atteact more of their ilk. The status quo in the Soo is stagnant. Change brings more change.

  7. This Council should worry about working for the people who pay their salaries already.. nevermind the people who don’t yet contribute to the market. Earn your keep. Or lose it.

  8. Why would someone want to move here for 14 bucks an hour instead of somewhere at 25 bucks an hour???? Bring in some decent paying employment and the problem will take care of itself. This is not rocket science, for petes sake….Sometimes our city council is so mentally challenged about the simplest things it scares me.!!!

    • $25 an hour in Toronto with standard of living probably equates to less than $14 an hour here Billy boy

      • KD, except we have TO rental rates here, and you have to have at least two part-time jobs here to survive… Do you work for the government, KD???

      • KD, you should run for council… Your attitude and answers would fit right in, might even beat The Shoe for mayor next time…LOLOL

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