Dried cannabis sales up 6 per cent in April, inventories rise 215,665 kilograms


OTTAWA — Heath Canada says sales of legal dried cannabis grew 16 per cent in April compared with the prior month.

More than 8,800 kilograms of recreational and medical cannabis was sold in the month, up from 7,627 kilograms in March.

Total cannabis oil sales grew 3.5 per cent to 8,196 litres.

Almost 76 per cent of dried cannabis sales were non-medical while 42 per cent of oil was recreational.

As of the end of April, 215,665 kilograms of dried cannabis was held in inventory, 24 times the amount sold across Canada that month.

Inventories included 31,880 kilograms of finished dried cannabis products, up from 30,802 kilograms in March.

Cannabis oil inventories were nearly 15 times sales at 119,696 litres, as the volume of finished oil grew 16.2 per cent to 72,246 litres.

The Canadian Press