Gallery: Saultites Wowed By Canada’s Circus Spectacular

Canada's Circus Spectacular
Photo by Megan Pounder/SaultOnline

Clowns, dancers and other performers wowed Saultites at the GFL Memorial Gardens Saturday evening.

Canada’s Circus Spectacular – a 90-minute show – stopped in the Sault as part of its cross-country tour. With acts from across the globe, this performance gave Saultites something to talk about for days to come.

For more information on CCS, visit their website here.




  1. camera angle doesn’t disguise the lack of an audience but at least there wasn’t any animals either by the looks of it. maybe nobody went because they’re not ‘inclusive’ enough or because those outfits emphasized ‘gender’ which we in Canada know is nonsense. In any event circuses with animals and spectacle is a thing of the past but they were grrrreat.

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