Green Team Hopes to Raise Awareness of Local Environmental Issues


Green Team Summer Student Tayte Nowak and other members of the Green Team attended Monday evening’s City Council meeting to present their agenda for the upcoming months.

Nowak, the summer student working in Mayor Provenzano’s office, thanked former Mayor and City Coun. Steve Butland for his contributions to the Green Team and for his efforts in bringing green initiatives to the City in the past.

“Our mission is to commit and raise awareness of local environmental issues and promote green initiatives through education and engagement to help generate a positive overall impact in our community,” Nowak told City Council.

“As long leaders we know it’s up to us to create change so that future generations can benefit from clean waterways and a healthy environment.

“We are ready for all generations to hop on the bandwagon of practicing green habits everyday,” she said, explaining that today’s consumerist lifestyle is advances the importance of living an environmentally-conscious lifestyle “to protect our environment, bodies of water and our landfills.”

Nowak said she hopes the Green Team can share some education and awareness this summer, holding events such as the waterwalk, an informative walk along St. Mary’s River (on the boardwalk) that will educate both the public and City employees on different environmental problems involving the river, as well as offer solutions to safeguard the waterways and fix bad habits. This event will take place on Wed., June 26 from noon until 2p.m., starting at City Hall.

The Green Team extended their invite to Councillors and the Mayor to show their support during the event, and also handed out metal straws, encouraging their use over the plastic alternative.

For more information on the Green Team, check them out on Facebook.


  1. This sounds great! Keep up the great work!
    I would love to help out. I am a Professional Geoscientist, and I have been compiling a list of items that the Sault can do to help mitigate / adapt to climate change and other environmental issues.

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