Killing of Whooping Crane


Crime Stoppers in partnership with The Wildlife Enforcement Division of Environment & Climate Change Canada are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying suspects with relation to the senseless killing of a Whooping Crane.

It is alleged that in the evening hours of May 5th unknown culprit(s) attended on private property in the area of N Line and 10th Side Road on the north end of Barrie Island and shot a Whooping Crane.

The Whooping Crane is a rare and endangered species.  This crane belonged to a small population of 100 raised and released cranes that are being monitored with telemetry bands.

Any information leading to the identity of the persons or vehicles involved would be appreciated.

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  1. This makes me sick and I hope they find out who did it. They should keep the bird and make them eat it cause it is such a beautiful animal people are just animal killers not even for sport just because they think it’s fun grow up people and try to preserve life of these animals. How would you like it if someone came along and shot you or one of your family or friends it’s what you are doing and to these animals.

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