Local Talent on Display for Third Mural Unveiling


Darren Emond is an artist from Wawa who is the third of six to display their talent as apart of the Downtown Association and Future SSM’s Downtown Mural Project.

At the event Wednesday, members of the community were welcomed to Outspoken Brewery to see part of the creative process as Edmond put the final touches on his monstrous dragon mural, per the request of Outspoken.

“They wanted something that resembled an album cover of a 70’s metal band, I showed them some of my work and we worked from there.” said Edmond.

While Edmond and Outspoken had collaborated on what the finished product would look like, Todd Fleet of the Arts and Culture division for the city stated that it was not necessary for the artists to do.

“We told the artists and businesses that this was going to be a project that the artists could work on entirely their own. It was completely up to them on what they wanted to paint” added Fleet.

Above is the expanded interview with both Emond and Fleet.