Ontario Premier Doug Ford to shuffle cabinet on Thursday


TORONTO — Ontario Premier Doug Ford will be shuffling his cabinet on Thursday.

The reset comes just after he and his Progressive Conservatives marked the one-year anniversary of winning a majority government.

It also comes as Ford falls in the polls, with some even suggesting his unpopularity is hurting federal Conservative leader Andrew Scheer’s chances in the province ahead of October’s election.

When asked recently about the possibility of a shuffle, Ford said he has the “best cabinet this province has ever seen.”

But, he said, each and every one of them was “more than capable of hopping into any portfolio.”

Ford’s last shuffle was in November, when about half a dozen ministers were reassigned following the resignation of Jim Wilson to seek treatment for addiction issues.

The Canadian Press


  1. Doug Ford has sabotaged the Ontario Conservative Party by his bull in a china shop form of politics. If he had made necessary changes at a much more gradual pace, he wouldn`t have alienated the entire voting public so soon. Doug Ford may have sabotaged Andrew Scheers chances of election in October, thereby guaranteeing Trudeau a second term. I can`t help but wonder if Doug Ford is Trudeaus man inside the Conservative Party.

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