Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s chief of staff resigns


TORONTO — Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s chief of staff has resigned.

In a statement, Ford says Dean French will be returning to the private sector.

Earlier today, Ford revoked the appointments of two people to lucrative foreign posts a day after announcing them, following reports that they had personal ties to French.

French has also clashed with Progressive Conservative caucus members, who have bristled at a reportedly aggressive management style that reduced at least one to tears.

Ford’s statement says French had always planned on leaving government after one year.

He says French’s legacy will be that of leading a successful election campaign and a successful first year of government.


The Canadian Press


  1. Sadly, Ontario was most definitely long over due & ready for a change in direction with the financial disaster created by the mcguinty & wynne government. But, I think the big mistake the Conservatives made was to elect Doug Ford as leader. This guy was not leadership material; a TRAIN WRECK, and I’m sure many supporters hope that a leadership change will occur before the next provincial election. This cabinet shuffle was a masquerade, a false front for the real problems facing this Conservative government…… Doug Ford !!!! Just my opinion….

  2. Did anyone ever expect Doug Ford to do anything else but cut jobs and hire his friends—That is the P.C. style !

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