Ontario wants anti-carbon tax gas pump stickers displayed by Aug. 30


TORONTO — Ontario wants gas station operators to display mandatory anti-carbon tax stickers by the end of the summer or face potential Provincial Offences Act charges.

A proposed regulation would set Aug. 30 as the day the requirement takes effect and it sets out specific details of how the stickers have to be displayed.

Gas stations would have to post an equal number of French and English stickers, upright, unobscured and “in a prominent location” within the top two-thirds of the side of the pump facing drivers.

The proposal, which is open for comments until July 9, says the government is also developing enforcement plans, which could include an education campaign, written warnings, compliance orders and unspecified charges.

Legislation making the stickers mandatory was included in the budget bill and comes with fines of up to $10,000 per day for gas station operators who don’t comply.

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce has said its members are concerned about the “political nature” of the stickers and view the requirement to display them as a violation of their rights and freedoms.

The Canadian Press


  1. A Vaseline or KY dispenser would be more like it so it would at least ease the pain every time you get bent over for a fleecing at the pumps.

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