Ottawa to issue apology to Italian Canadians mistreated during Second World War


VAUGHAN, Ont. — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the federal government is committed to issuing a formal apology to Italian Canadians  mistreated in the country during the Second World War.

“We have to face the dark chapter in our country’s history,” he said Friday. “Italian Canadians have lived with these memories for many years and deserve closure.”

Trudeau made the announcement in Vaughan, Ont., at an event celebrating Italian heritage month.

He said during the war, Italian Canadian families and businesses struggled and no one was held responsible.

“It was a time when their patriotism was questioned and their lives thrown into chaos. During the Second World War, hundreds of Italian Canadians were interned,” said Trudeau.

He did not say when the formal apology would be issued, but said it would offer closure to the community.

Trudeau also announced that the federal government would be opening a permanent trade centre in Milan, Italy.

Trudeau did not provide further details, but he said the centre will ensure that the “future is bright” between Canada and Italy.

The Canadian Press


  1. Born and raised in the Soo. Went to school with, played sports with, lived on the same streets as Italians and never once heard one single Italian complain about how they or their forefathers were treated during WW2. This is just that snivelling asshole trying to kiss every lady persons ass in Canada ( except white Canada) before the fall election. It’s hollow, it’s not genuine, and it’s unnecessary. At the time Italians were the enemy and that’s how you keep an eye on the enemy. Detain and control. Tough shit, that’s what they got for siding with Hitler and Stalin and waging war against the world.

  2. It’s time Trulyadope apologizes to our vets for the way HE mistreated them, he cut 1.5 billion to disabled vets while he dishes out millions to terrorists. Thousands of homeless citizens receiving nothing while putting Muslims up in hotels, this crime minister should be charged for treason, what a traitor to our country.

    • interesting actually – when i was a kid i didnt speak english. pop with no education worked hard and suffered racism but never went to police about it despite police paying him a visit on a few occasions. no welfare and basically immigration then was the belief that the west was an opportunity of milk and honey

  3. Italians weren’t the only ones that came here and built this country. I need to apologize to the Finns the swedes, Estonians list goes on and on and on.. Scandinavians and Europeans need to be apologize then. These apologies are getting out of control. Give me a break. Y’all survived here in Canada we all did. Let’s start fixing Canada for what’s going on now and make it a better country for our children’s children children. There are huge things to be concerned about in this country, like terr….rism, like these people that are allowed in this country are still practicing child Brides, rapes, murders, veterans that are homeless, wake up people … anything to side track from the seriousness of whats going on now…

  4. This should of happened many years ago , they came here poor ,, worked there asses of , to build , support there familys , they where not on welfare , or anything , they helped each other , its not like these days TRUDEAU brings them in and made sure they had everything , , and still do it ,, TRUDEAU now is issuing a apologie , THE REASON HE WANTS THEM TO VOTE FOR HIM ,, THATS ALL ,, TRUDEAU SHOULD OFF DONE THIS LONG AGO ,, ACTUALY IS FATHER SHOULD OF SHAME ON TRUDEAU , , REALY ,,

    • that’s because you absolutely know anything about our immigration. immigration laws where the same during the Harper government and you didn’t bitch than ,, and immigrants where granted free land to come to canada as long as they had ten or more kids , so shows how ignorant you are about our history .. and plus immigrants had no choice because they were dying where they came from ,, and they only took first nation land ,, so you can ask the ojibwe how they felt by canada’s immigration practice ,, during the period you are talking about ,,Native American settlements, mostly of Ojibwe-speaking peoples, existed here for more than 500 years. In the late 17th century, French Jesuit missionaries established a mission at the First Nations village. This was followed by development of a fur trading post and larger settlement, as traders, trappers and Native Americans were attracted to the community. It was considered one community and part of Canada until after the War of 1812 and settlement of the border between Canada and the US at the Ste. Mary’s River. The US prohibited British traders from operating in its territory, and the areas separated by the river began to develop as two communities, both named Sault Ste. Marie. …

    • All immigrants years ago came across. They weren’t handed free health care, welfare, free rent, a choice of cities to live, free post high school education. They worked their asse’s off, adapted to Canadian culture & thrived. Trudope is bringing in vote’s, and giving them a free ride..

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