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SaultOnline received the following note from Gerry “Papa” Fowler who is currently working with MP Terry Sheehan to get as many signatures on a petition for the federal government to declare May 25th as National DIPG Awareness Day. They currently have 6,500 signatures and hoping to get around 30,000 but time is quickly running out with the deadline of June 12th fast approaching.

Please allow me to introduce myself…my name is Gerald Fowler but my proudest name is Papa…to 13 awesome blessings…called grandkids.  One of which was/is Kayge.  We have a petition, courtesy of Terry Sheehan, for the federal government to declare May 25th (the day of Kayge’s diagnosis in 2018) National DIPG awareness day.

The closing date for this petition is next Wednesday, June 12th, at 10:39 am.  We were blown away with Sault Ste Marie’s amazing and unexpected support last Tuesday evening…and crying freely as we were so blessed by all that stood on the side of the road and the motorcycles that escorted us to the funeral home.  We were wondering if Sault Ste Marie would support us again by signing this petition.  It takes but a few minutes to do that online…all you need is a valid email address.  We have about 6500 signatures…but just think what we could get to if the Sault …that city my son (Kayge’s Dad) says is “small enough to care, but big enough to make a difference”  really got behind this over the weekend we could easily get 30,000 signatures perhaps.

Sincere thanks for considering this.
Have a great day,

Gerry Fowler

Please take a few moments of your time to help Kayge’s Papa and MP Sheehan meet, or better yet, exceed this goal!

Here is the link to the petition:


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