PUC Inc. Expands Water Services With Key Acquisition


PUC Inc. has acquired leading water and wastewater service provider Northern Waterworks Inc. (NWI).

“With more than $400 million in assets under management, the acquisition of NWI will increase shareholder value and position the PUC group of companies as the second largest service provider of water and wastewater operations in Ontario,” said Rob Brewer, President/CEO of PUC Services Inc. The purchase closed May 31,2019.

“The acquisition of NWI strengthens the PUC’s efforts to become a leader in the water and energy industry,” said Mayor Christian Provenzano. “The PUC Board of Directors, management team and staff have worked hard to pursue opportunities that will generate revenue and add to our local economy. This is a great step in that direction.”

To ensure a successful and seamless transition, Jason LeBlanc will remain as NWI’s Chief Administrative Officer for the next three years. NWI will operate as a standalone company that will complement PUC in areas not currently served by PUC Services Inc.

“NWI’s clients, customers and our employees will benefit from the long-term sustainability that PUC can provide as well as the company’s innovative approaches to protecting public health through its provision of safe drinking water and effective wastewater treatment,” said NWI’s CAO Jason D. LeBlanc.

“This purchase helps support PUC’s strategic growth objectives and provides sound investment opportunities for our shareholder.  In addition, the combination of PUC and NWI offers our customers additional capacity and value-added services that will further improve the services we provide,” added Brewer.


  1. Those lucky people have a lot to look forward to,just like us. Crappy tasting water that smells like a swimming pool.

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