Romano does nothing to stop Ford’s education cuts costing Sault Ste. Marie another 24 teachers: Mantha


ELLIOT LAKE — NDP MPP Michael Mantha is calling out Sault Ste. Marie MPP Ross Romano for doing nothing to stop Doug Ford’s cuts to education, which are now poised to hurt students in catholic schools in Sault Ste. Marie, after 24 teachers were declared redundant — essentially receiving a pink slip — in the Huron-Superior Catholic District School Board.

“As Doug Ford’s MPP for Sault Ste. Marie, and now as a newly appointed minister, Ross Romano did nothing to stop Ford’s cuts to education. Students in Sault Ste. Marie deserve more opportunity — not to have their teachers and course options taken away from them,” said Mantha.

It’s not yet revealed how deep the cuts will impact other school boards in the Sault. Province-wide, every board is feeling the devastation of Ford’s cuts.

Romano cheered on and voted for the Ford budget that laid out the blueprint for firing thousands of teachers and education workers throughout the province, raising class sizes and forcing all high school students to take some mandatory courses online — despite students’ different learning styles and abilities, and despite the fact that the government is failing to provide decent internet service to all communities.

Doug Ford and Minister Romano’s cuts to education will mean larger classes, fewer teachers and education workers, and less attention for each child, which could have a damaging impact on graduation rates and the success of each child, with students in rural and Northern Ontario affected the most.

“In Northern Ontario and in rural schools, we need to work to improve the opportunities and one-on-one support we can give to kids, so they can identify their strengths and thrive,” said Mantha. “Taking even more away from those students could be devastating, impacting graduation rates, impacting children’s future, and even leading to more school closures in rural areas and small municipalities.

“Romano has new power as a minister to stop these cuts to education, and protect students in Sault Ste. Marie. He’s failed so far – but it’s not too late.”


  1. Children learn MOST things at home by WATCHING AND COPYING what their parents/guardians do.

    That, my friends, is the massive PROBLEM that is wreaking havoc in pretty much EVERY classroom in Ontario.

    Until parents/guardians spend EVERY WAKING MOMENT (outside of work) with their children DEMONSTRATING THROUGH THEIR EXAMPLE how to respect themselves and others it won’t matter how big or small classroom sizes are in Ontario.

    Students will always be disrespectful of themselves and others if parents/guardians don’t CONSTANTLY show respect to themselves, their children and others.

    MPP Mantha wants to make teachers pseudo-parents by giving teachers more, but still very little, time in the grand scheme of a child’s life, but that will cost taxpayers money we just can’t afford, and that will make parents/guardians have to work, and be away from their children, just that much longer.

    That’s an idea, but what MPP Mantha’s solution is really doing is cutting down on parents/guardians time with their children instead of cutting down teachers’ time with them.

    I think we can all agree that parents/guardians should be given the opportunity to spend more time with their children by paying less taxes rather than driving parents/guardians away from their children by making them have to work more to pay for grossly over-inflated budgets to the massive Education file.

    Education is simple: Show kids respect and caring, and they will go wherever you steer them, and do so gladly and co-operatively.

    ALL CHILDREN are curious learning machines. Learning is the ONLY THING they’ve done NON-STOP since the day they were born.

    Children only get turned off learning, and start causing problems in the classroom, when they feel unloved and unwelcome either by their parents/guardians or their teachers, but the students with parents who have CONSTANTLY DEMONSTRATED respect for themselves and others to their children can overcome even the most uncaring, and unwelcoming teacher without becoming a so-called “difficult student” because they know, at the end of the day, there is place where they are welcome, loved and cared for…


    And that is an incredible stabilizing force in a child’s life which transcends into the classroom, and every place else that those loved and cared for children venture.

    Throwing money at reducing class sizes will help a little bit to give teachers the opportunity to be pseudo-parents to the most psychologically, and emotionally abandoned children in their classrooms which will POTENTIALLY help those wonderful children when they are at school, but it won’t cure the underlying problem they have of being ignored at home.

    That can only be solved by the parents/guardians actually doing their MOST IMPORTANT FULL-TIME JOB… being a 24-7-365 loving, caring, attentive parent/guardian.

    And there’s no government that can enforce that.

    Parents/guardians have to WANT to do that themselves. And the good ones already do it. Just like the good teachers who show every child in their classroom attention, caring, and respect in a firm and loving fashion.

    Children know the people who care about them.

    So go ahead and cut, or spend, on average classroom sizes. It really doesn’t matter that much to the STUDENTS. They’ll still find ways to get along with one another no matter what the class size is. They’re incredible little parent/guardian copying people just like you and I 🙂

    The problems of turbulent, emotionally-deprived children in the classroom will not go away UNLESS AND UNTIL parents/guardians start DOING their parenting JOB with the seriousness, time, love and attention that their miraculous children DESERVE!!!

    Wake up parents/guardians you’re hurting your kids by ignoring them.

    And if you only change one thing about your parenting/guardianship, SHOW YOUR CHILD(REN) how to respect themselves and others BY YOUR EXAMPLE!!


    The future of our world (our children) depends and depend on it.

    Citizen Mark Brown

  2. Very well said Bernie, that is how it is suppose to work in the real world. Most of these people on the board got their jobs through nepotism not skill sets that is why they cannot get it done.

  3. The Catholic board had an opportunity to keep more teachers by NOT hiring a new superintendent to replace one retiring. With definite declining enrollment should not the number of supers decrease as well?

  4. Ford cut money to the school boards and other departments. Internally, they were to decide how best to make these cuts. It doesn’t have to be teachers. But, why not weed a few of the useless ones that milk the summer holidays, numerous PD days, banked sick days, pension plan, etc. These boards need to look inside and figure out how to leave the teaching numbers alone and find savings within. Get more competitive with bids for maintenance and capital works projects. For far too long we have all been aware of plum contracts being handed out fuelling nepotism. Also, look inside at how the administration wastes monies and get more efficient. Ford cannot do that – the bureaucracies can certainly do that. Now they have incentive. We cannot continue to just throw monies at the public service. We voted for change away from stupid Liberal spending – let him slash the expenses and let’s get these so-called administrative geniuses with the fat paycheques, bloated offices and extreme pensions to start to earn their taxpayer-funded paycheques.

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