Shocking Video Shows Drivers Ignoring Stopped School Bus On Wellington Street


A Wellington Street Homeowner and Parent says it’s a rare day they don’t see motorists speeding by a stopped school bus with its red flashers on and stop sign engaged.

Michael Medaglia says their daughter started JK in September of of 2018 “we really noticed the problem. Drivers blow past the bus on a daily basis, there are other stops up the street and it’s just as bad” Medaglia tells ONNtv /

Armed with a video security camera , Medaglia now has evidence of what he’s talking about.

In the video, on three separate occasions, motorists can be seen driving right past a stopped school bus on Wellington Street.  Some, notice after the fact and then stop while others don’t appear to see the school bus altogether.

According to the Province of Ontario website, Failing to stop for a school bus will result in 6 demerit points and driver’s licence suspension for three months, PLUS a $5,000 fine. As of right now in Ontario, if you illegally pass a school bus you will be fined anywhere from $400-$2,000 and get 6 demerit points for a first offence.  Fines and penalties vary from province to province.

In Ontario, school-bus drivers and other witnesses can report vehicles that have illegally passed a school bus. If you are the vehicle’s registered owner, these same fines, but not demerit points or jail time, may be applied to you.

Medaglia says he has contacted his ward councillors about the problem, who in turn told the homeowner to contact city police.  “ they said they would do what they can, but with only two traffic service vehicles on patrol it’s hard for them to do more.” Medaglia said.

In order to bring more awareness to the issue he also posted the videos to Facebook.

“I would like for these drivers to think about the possible consequences of their actions, I would like to ask them how they would feel if it were their children at risk” Medaglia said, “Drivers blow past the bus on a daily basis.”




  1. The biker was probably thinking..they should be watching or him not the other way around lol..” what do you mean should be watching out for me I’m on a motorcycle..we matter more” lol

  2. You can have as many laws and by-laws as you want but only 2 patrol cars that enforce it. A complete joke.
    And the bus drivers should have the lights on before they stop allowing drivers to see it.

  3. People do not obey traffic laws of all kinds but will bitch about others doing it when it affects them. People are especially bad when it comes to blowing through amber lights which, under Ontario laws, mean STOP, not speed up and go through.

  4. I can’t believe what I’m seeing here.
    This isn’t an opinion based issue, it’s the law. So whether you agree with the policy of making all traffic stop or not it’s the intent that you comply one way or another. In addition, even if you find it silly, it’s not that aggressive inconvenient.
    If you don’t like it, lobby to change it, but in the meantime, you have follow the law.

    On another note, we have so many things as people we disagree with. Shouldn’t this be an easy one to be all together with?
    Kids should be safe, and let’s stay on the side of caution. Why is that hard?

  5. When I was younger we lived in the country and had to cross the road. One day when we got off the bus we went to cross the road and a transport flew past the bus. If I had been about 5 seconds sooner I would have been hit. Luckily he got instant karma as there was a police car right behind him and he got stopped. So you never know. How did those drivers know if the child was going to cross the street?

  6. We just saw that the other day with a yellow cab minivan on Wellington east and I called the company. Drivers should be stopping!!!

    The only time this is confusing for drivers is when the school buses slowdown and put their flashing lights on 200 feet before they get to their stop.

    I was under the impression cars must stop when the flashing lights go on and the bus drives by me with their lights flashing as I stop. It is terrible in this city, confusing for drivers and the buses should not be putting on their flashing lights until they get to their stop or just before (not a block away as they drive past me with their lights flashing)

  7. Michael Medaglia The drivers should have stopped by the law but in no way was the child in danger in the video basically another tattle tell news story.

  8. Michael Medaglia no what I’m saying people are like omg they could of been killed im stating the child is not crossing the road and is in NO more danger than walking the sidewalk

  9. So I am confused, if the law says you stop do you not stop ? What if the child was crossing the road ? Thank god the bus company policy is to pick up curb side on busy streets.

    • Seriously? It’s the law. They don’t know what side the child is coming from. Wow. Hope it’s never your child or grandchild.

    • Myles D Long because my husband could not see your comment and I wanted him to.
      A child may not be crossing the road, and thank God for that! But in other neighborhoods, this IS happening where children are crossing and it is dangerous! It is also illegal. So child crossing or not, this highlights illegal behaviour happening on a regular basis that could result in a tragedy.

    • It’s not the point on whether the child has to cross the road or not, when the bus lights are on and the sign is out it’s not that hard to stop unless you just don’t care. Happens all the time when me kids get on their bus too, drivers are just so clueless these days

  10. Happens almost everyday on Queen St W for multiple buses at our stop. Cars even go around the bus when it’s letting students off on passenger side. It’s frustrating

    • Paula Ouellette i feel ya.its bad by mine too. I think the bus drivers should literally pull into and park in the middle of the damned road. People dont seem to give a shit about anything but being in a rush for the whole 15 seconds it takes a kid to get off the bus.

  11. Stand with the child and hold up camera and video oncoming vehicles…maybe wear safety vest so they can see you are someone of authority ( a parent protecting a child !) You may get different results, if not , at least you will get plate #s color and type of vehicle maybe even…post it on this web page…like a wall of shame…people will talk to those who risk others lives for the sake of a 2 minute stop….also city needs crosswalk lights at 3rd line at hub trail, conmee at carmens way, cathcart and carmens way, 2nd line a few places…..i can name more..grt northern, queen st., etc etc….you know, the kind you push a button, a red light comes on, and the traffic stops…..instead of cityhub hangout for big bucks..make roads safer for people to travel…and get safely down to city core…

  12. Im unsure how this is surprising… im not surprised at all.. it happens on a daily basis but these people never pay the consequences unless it’s too late. Maybe if cops actually tracked down the licence plates and driver with footage and charged them we’d see a difference.. but sadly they dont

  13. I’ve only been saying this for two years and it really gets me mad that a cop sits at Saint Andrew church in the morning and not once have they stopped anyone for blowing past the school bus

  14. I watched a bus stop twice earlier this year only using it’s yellow flashers letting kids off on Wellington… Not saying it’s the case here since you can’t really see the lights, but something to consider… Shouldn’t be the parent that has to catch this on video though, buses should all be equipped with cameras to ensure everyone is caught. I wonder if the drivers that keep going even notice after the fact?

  15. Second line west is horrible as well I would see it every day on my way to work. I’ve stopped for a school bus and had the car behind me pull into the other lane and drive right through.

    • I was thinking the same thing, get video of the ignorant idiots driving passed a school bus stopped with lights flashing and the license plate numbers. These drivers obviously have zero common sense and shouldn`t be on the road. The police would have to take action and charge the drivers when seeing the film. The city police need to take action, they can muster up lots of officers for road side sobriety checks, well the safety of children is of primary importance, and there obviously is a major problem, so the police need to be on the ball, and start laying charges before some child is seriously hurt, or killed.

    • Brandon Gough we have tried, but it’s hard to get the plates when the car speeds by, our first priority is the children, thank god the bus company drops kids off curb side or else I would be scare of the outcome!

    • You must stop! That is the law, even emergency service vehicles have to stop for a bus with its lights flashing! How would a child cross the road (4lanes or not) if no one stops?! Duh!

  16. Lights and arm was not out yet when that truck went by drivers fault but still this is happening more and more lately kinda pissing me off considering I’ll be driving for first student in a month

  17. Seriously people . If those were your kids in almost positive they would be out there screaming at the drivers passing that bus.
    Unfreaking real! Have some respect, and remember kids are kids, they run…walk…or scurry across the street thinking they are safe… this makes me so angryyyyy

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