The New Waterfront Adventure Centre a Jewel on the River


Many people will remember the old RYTAC- before that, it was known as the St. Mary’s River Boat Club but as of this Friday, the recreation centre will be known as the Waterfront Adventure Centre.

In 2014 Sault College received the property and building as a gift from the Dr. Lou and Mrs. Mae Lukenda Foundation. Since then, the College has raised funds and attracted government funding to totally revitalize the centre.

This coming Friday, the official grand opening is set for 8am to showcase the new centre and what it means for students of Sault College and the community.

The St. Mary’s Boat Club was established in 1902. It is situated on the St. Mary’s River in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario on a traditional trading route on the lands of the Ojibway First Nation. It was destroyed by fire twice but both times through the efforts of dedicated community volunteers, it was rebuilt. Through the years it became the home of competitive and recreational tennis, rowing, sailing, paddling and summer outdoor camps for adults, children and youth. The RYTAC was closed in April 2012 and gifted to the college two years later.

The new centre boosts a whole new layout and design giving the building a new fresh modern look. Members of the public are encouraged to come to 18 McPhail Ave on Friday for the opening. The public is invited to the new facility at 10am following an invite gathering only at 8am.   ONNtv will be there Friday to show off the new waterfront centre. Stay Tuned.





  1. So nice to see this facility active again! Such a beautiful location to have sat vacant. Looks very inviting!

  2. I got a tour today because I live in the area- it’s very nice. They told me memberships are available for paddling and/ or courts and at a discounted rate this first season. I believe it’s $125 for paddling only or $200 for both for the season.

  3. My tennis career started there! Wow I live in South Carolina after leaving the Sault to play college tennis. Hope they will still have the courts! Awesome place to grow up. Want to come home some day..maybe come home and start tennis program and give some back. Rob Woods

  4. I used to play tennis,scull and dance there when it was the Boat Club. Late 1950’s and 1960’s. Pre RYTAc days. Great dances on the top floor overlooking the water. The old floor would “be a shakin’”

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