Turning Up The Heat


Remember about 4 months ago when we were all complaining about the cold and snow and dreamed of hot and sunny Summer weather?  Well dream no more because it’s here.

A line of thunderstorms yesterday that dropped about 24mm of rain basically ushered in a pattern of sunny and hot weather that will last through the long Canada Day weekend.

High Pressure will keep any developing storms to our south and north for the next several days

Forecast temperatures hovering at or just under 30c will be the normal for the next seven days starting today.  Humidity will also begin to build Friday and into the weekend making it feel closer to 36c for most of the holiday weekend.

The hottest recorded temperature for July 1st in Sault Ste. Marie was a sweltering 33.9c in 1964. The coldest Canada Day on record? that was set the year later in 1965 when it was a chilly 4.4c

With the heat and humidity, comes some friendly reminders about staying cool.

It’s advised to wear a cap if you plan on being out in the sun for several hours. Drink plenty of water and take advantage of cooling down with air conditioning in your home or car.

Speaking of cars, never ever leave a child or pet alone in the car in hot weather for any amount of time. It only takes a few minutes for a vehicle to heat up to deadly temperatures.

Also if your pet is left outside, you must provide shelter and clean water – or you could face animal cruelty fines. As always, when we see hot days in the summer, that could lead to thunderstorm development in the afternoon or evenings. A risk of thunderstorms remains in the forecast until Tuesday July 2.


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