Weather Watcher Says He Spotted a Funnel Cloud In Last Nights Storm – Photos

20 / ONNtv viewer Andy Paradiso sends in these photos of the storm that came through the Sault Ste. Marie area Tuesday evening.  Paradiso was trying to capture some lightening strikes but says he saw something else instead.

“Last night while trying to capture pics of lightning I noticed a quick formation of a funnel cloud. It started at 10:18 PM and dissipated 2 minutes later.” Paradiso said in an email.

“The pics show the progression and dissipation. I was facing north taking pics of the passing storm cell. ”


  1. I also seen this. I also seen a large flock of seagulls go absolutely crazy in the skies just before. Never seen them fly in a pattern like that. Once the rain started they were gone and I that cloud formation showed up.

    • Weather radar IS not reliable as the CLOSEST RADAR IS out of order. Weather data is not coming from environment Canada…see their website…where did u get yours?

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