Altercation on City Bus Caught on Video, Driver Does Nothing


A passenger is in shock after an incident on a city transit bus last Saturday.  A video submitted by a passenger shows a physical altercation between two passengers while the driver of the bus did nothing to diffuse the situation.

The passenger who recorded the incident on camera contacted /ONNtv and writes,

A man in a grey shirt complained about someone playing music too loudly, swearing repeatedly. A woman sitting nearby angrily told him not to swear, and they both continued to argue for several minutes. This was at the back of the bus, but it was loud enough to be heard throughout. I moved to the driver and told him there was a fight happening: he shrugged.

The woman threw her drink at the man, which hit the man’s child, who began crying. The man tackled the woman to the floor of the bus. The driver did NOTHING. The two continued to fight and argue, the driver eventually stopped the bus so people could leave. The woman chose to leave.

NOTE:The video contains foul language that  may not  be suitable for some people.

The man threatened the woman’s life. He said “you’re dead” and “do you know how many people I know?” and threatened her life again. After the man realized I was filming him, he also threatening me and my property with violence.

I reminded the driver that the safety of his passengers is his responsibility. He did nothing, and when I left, he said ‘thank god’. The man who caused the entire incident was not reprimanded, removed from the bus, or confronted in any way by the driver except to be told to ‘ignore it’ when he became agitated by being recorded.

The video that runs about 8 minutes was posted on Youtube runs about 8 minutes, you can hear the passenger ask the driver repeatedly to do something, but the driver says nothing.

“This behaviour is appalling, and unacceptable. I rely on city transit to travel to work and home, and I recognize the driver on the Eastside route, having been a passenger of his many times. He was entirely flippant, uncaring about the physical violence when one passenger tackled another to the floor, and still did nothing about verbal threats against two female passengers.” The viewer said.

ONNtv is reaching out to city transit for a comment on the situation, we will update this story when more information becomes available.

To view the entire video click here


  1. Ya but she’s the one who first initiated assault throwing your drink at someone? Is 100 times more disrespectful then some guy using the f bomb….. So what’s he was swearing did you hear the way she acted?

    • If he was any kind of person he wouldn’t have acted the way he did to start any of this. Especially not since his entire argument was for his kid yet the 8 min video shows him still swearing/yelling and threatening the lady filming. I agree she shouldn’t have thrown anything, that crossed a line. But This video and article should both be taken down as they put minors and random citizens faces in it. Let the transit team and police do their jobs!! Things will get sorted out in no time!

  2. It’s sad to see that two grown people do not know how to behave like adults or take into consideration that they are small children/elderly people on that bus who had to listen to this outburst and maybe the driver didn’t want to intervene in fear of losing his job!!

  3. Honestly, it’s already been said but we have no idea what took place before what was recorded, but from my understanding had the chick turned her music down n this tard minded her business none of this would have happened, not only did she assult a child but the fear in all those children’s faces was sad and plugging there’s ears just terrified. is the father in the right no but yes, he said so himself he shouldn’t have acted that way but until we’re in the same situation u can’t judge idk how I would act if I simple asked to have music turned down n some Psycho came at me n my child like that. She cannot justify how she acted honestly that was insane to yell like that n throw things regardless of who it was ment for she probably hit more then just the little girl n didn’t once apologies for doing so n then to say she stepped in due to him swearing however most of the swearing n yelling came from her mouth , honestly just horrible and for the chick that took the video to comment to the bus driver to do something but all you did was make it even more of a drama fest by video taping it you didn’t step in so why would you expect the bus driver too when he, like everyone has stated n you should know has to do it a certain way he was not in wrong as far as I’m concerned we don’t know where the bus was driving if it was even safe for him to stop so can’t say he should have stopped he may not have been able to and when he did stop she was kicked off as far as I’m concern he did more for the situation then anyone did. But regardless that was just a bunch of bs that didn’t need to happen at all.

  4. Tay McGonegal I’m not agree with either of them, this situation all around is very sad. She was the first to get physical and she’s now put it in writing.

  5. All I can say is WOW! To all of you who expressed the fact that the bus driver did nothing or the fact the either two participants was using upsetting language, especially in front of elders and children in a public setting and fighting in public. Also to the person who taped the video who apparently likes to cause arguments and not tape the whole thing. Everyone has an opinion or comment but none of you care at all about how to deal and understand how this started.
    From what I have seen and heard and read, there are in every case two sides to every argument and all we have seen is half of both in this video, I understand that someone was playing their music loud and ignored the request to turn it down. Then male in the video has already admitted he was the one who requested the volume down. What we don’t know is why he requested the music to be turned down, was it offensive? or was it just too loud? It was a simple request so why did the female go off on him? we don’t know that either. So why did it escalate that fast? There are so many variables that aren’t in the equation. Here we all sit and speculate but we weren’t there. Why didn’t the driver pull over as soon as it started? See there is so much unanswered questions only those that were on the bus could answer. The bus driver has procedures to follow in incidents like this we don’t know if he followed them but that’s what the investigation is going to reveal. I have what is possibly simple solution. Not sure if they already there but install cameras such like the popular dash cams where as the driver could hit a button to start to record when an altercation starts, or something along that line. Even have one facing outside. Also just like taxis where there is usually a blue light or amber light to notify that the driver is under duress have one on the bus. I do believe we do have a TTC bus in town with that light. That lets the public know something is wrong and can be helpful. Transit has security, use them more have them drive around just in case something happens they can respond quickly, when the driver radios in about an incident. These are some ideas.

  6. Not one person riding on that bus bothered to use their cell phone to call the police. Would that not have been the best thing to do?

  7. If you go to the bottom of the article. It says click here for the full video. I feel for the girl recording it. It shows much more of this man’s character.

  8. Unfortunately i am the man in the video. What the video dosent show is the woman hitting my child directly in the face with a full iced coffee then jumping ontop of me and punching me in the face repeatedly. I shielded my child, i pushed the woman off of me and was pulled down to the ground with her. You hear me threaten her but only after my child and myself were assaulted and threatened also. The woman screams and swears in my face and continues to block my path. In the heat of the moment i made a poor choice of words and regret acting that way in front of my daughter and the other passenegers. But realistically i was assaulted i had every right to be mad. To the reporter that recorded and posted the video….your missing what really happened and in my opinion you aggravated the situation. The driver did what he could do at the time and when safe to do so, pulled over and the woman and her friend were kicked off the bus. Next time dont stick a camera in someones face when they are obviously upset, then twist the story to suit your own agenda.

    • You also failed to mention that she was sticking up for someone who can’t stick up for themselves. You were swearing at someone who is autistic. Try again.

    • Your ego needs some work. You have no right or authority to tell someone not to record. People usually record because they’re concerned about their own saftey and if anything happens to them they’ll have the appropriate evidence. I’d be right in there recording too if it was me.

  9. I can’t understand why a news outlet would post a video like this without blurring the faces of minors?

  10. Saultonline, you need to be more responsible in your reporting. You should have contacted the transit office or city hall and inquired about what protocols are in place for city bus drivers. Instead you decided by your own volition the driver did nothing which implies he was in the wrong. If you have had bothered to check into the transit policy you would have seen he did exactly what he was supposed to do. As an on duty city employee he cant become involved in altercations due to liability issues and safety concerns. You did hear about the city bus driver in Winnipeg who was murded this past January? Then you have the possibility of lawsuits being filed against the city if he had stepped in, had to physically defend himself or physically touch either of those passengers for any reason, there could be assault charges laid. I ride transit alot, the drivers are all very professional and very tolerant. That headline should be retracted an a public apology made the that driver. Be responsible and maybe then you will become more credible.

  11. I think he handled it well and told that woman to get off the bus – which she did. Sure the guy didn’t have to threaten the woman but she was way out of line with her music, throwing drinks, and then screaming like lunatic. They have her face on camera and she should she banned from city transit for her behaviour.

    • Yes I don’t blame the drive for not getting involved and the lady should have minded her own business in the first place .

  12. I would have acted the same! Good for him for sticking up for his child, as for the girl taking the video, your just making the situation worse! The bus driver did his job!

  13. Fact:

    Anyone who says, “I know people” or “you don’t know who I am”, don’t know anyone and aren’t important.

  14. The bus driver shouldn’t have to deal with that situation. I know that if I fight broke out in my place of work that I wouldn’t be able to step in as I could lose my job over it. His job is to keep the passengers safe through his driving- not by getting in the middle of altercations. I wonder if the bus driver was an old man, a woman or a 17 year old kid, would people still expect them to get in the middle of it? Calling out for assistance and staying calm throughout the incident appears to be more than what anyone else on the bus did to help out the situation. Its too bad that this happened, but its made even worse because good people trying to help are being blamed. Just sad.

  15. There are rules in front of the bus that need to be enforced and it’s the bus drivers responsibility to enforce these rules

  16. Why is the bus drivers responsibility to intervene!? His job is to drive the bus. He cant involve himself in every altercation that arises. This wasn’t the first and won’t be the last time people argue. The man and woman both acted like children. Kudos to the driver remaining calm, cool and collected!

  17. Instead of posting online and looking for attention, maybe think about sending it to the City Transit managers to let them deal with it. Why the need to go to the media about it? If you sent it to the city and nothing was done then I can see it.

  18. It is VERY clearly posted on the bus, as well as signs around the terminal stating that the bus driver WILL NOT get involved in altercations on the bus.
    This city is so low vibe its unreal.
    People need to stop acting like children.
    The levels of negativity and immaturity is unreal.

  19. This is not the bus drivers responsibility. Maybe instead of taping it, maybe you should have called 911.

  20. Why is it the drivers responsibility!? His job is to drive the bus not interfere with every altercation. That wasnt the first and wont be the last I’m sure. That woman is at fault and the man ahouldnt have engaged, especially with his daughter present. Both acted like children. Kudos to the driver for remaining calm, cool and collected.

  21. Hold up, so let me try to understand this, an inconsiderate woman is blaring music on a crowded city bus, is asked to turn it down then the woman has a tantrum and throws a drink at the child of the man who asked her to turn it down, and then tackles the child’s father because he is pissed that she threw a drink at his daughter so the man and his assaulted daughter should be thrown off the bus and the bus driver should be fired? In the video there was a lot more vulgarity coming from the woman’s mouth than the mans and I must say that if someone threw a drink at my child or anyone else’s child, I would not be as calm as this man was. As for the bus driver, he has a protocol to follow, and I am sure he did exactly what he was supposed to do in that situation and if he did not then it is up to his employer to reprimand him, not the city of Sault Ste. Marie. Not to mention why should the bus driver be the only person who should have stepped in? There were a lot of people on that bus, some elderly and children, but lots quite capable of separating them and diffusing the situation until the driver could get stopped in a safe place and get the doors opened.

  22. I don’t know the hole story but if I was the man and someone female/male I would have decked them too. If I couldn’t get my child away from the person or conflict, I would have finished the situation. Whether he’s in the right or the wrong that woman instigated something and needs to also grow up! Kudos to you sir, but you do need to think before you speak! Threatening does squat, actions shut them up! Just saying.

  23. Both adults should be charged. As for the bus driver-he could have done MANY things to help without getting physically involved! He could have: radioed the terminal to call police, pulled over to wait for police, pulled over to either kick them off or let other innocent passengers get off etc..ANYTHING would have been better then continuing to drive and letting the situation escalate!

  24. I can’t believe the ladie I meant girl how she acts you should appoligise to the little girl and for the bus driver you should grow some bulls and should of said something

  25. This was the fight that crushed the stroller.. the video started recording after the physical incident happened.. the poor kids had to watch this you can see the little girl plugging her ears.. this is sad nothing was done or the bus not even stopped

  26. The bus driver what was he doing she should had made the right cous the man it his child and looking out for her what’s wrong

  27. The bus driver is only that, the only thing he should have done was called for police to defuse this situation. He is not a police officer he is a bus driver. Looks like it is very routine for this family, they need more then the bus drivers help. Why would he endanger his life for what seems to be an ongoing problem.

  28. Hes a bus DRIVER not a bus bouncer… Both ppl acted like unintelligent morons.
    Sad the kid will grow up with this mans influence.. I get his frustration, but be a man and control your emotions. Least dont teach your kid to deal w ppl by threatening them on the street. Obviously the lady has the same simple minded mentality to act the way she did too.
    Whole situation is pathetic. Both “adults” should be embarrassed but are too concerned about winning a fight like school age children and probly live daily life like the animals they presented themselves to be in this video.
    Also agree the kid should have been blurred out.. Hot headed low lifes..

  29. Lacey Michelle i absolutely agree! The drivers eyes are to be the road. Now if the driver did try and stop them and then ended up crashing the bus, i bet it would be a whole different story.

  30. Lacey Michelle well said. I did this job for 14 years and a lot of people don’t understand how limited the driver is to act in these situations. They barely have the right to defend themselves let alone other passengers.

  31. If dude knows so many people why ain’t they driving his ass around? WHy him on the bus? PALEEZE MR I KNOW LOTS OF PEOPLE, never put your hands on a woman!!!

  32. It looks to me like the woman was the one doing the swearing and instigating. Why is the man protecting his daughter at blame here?

  33. What I don’t get here is why video? How about stepping in? How about any of you fine people on this bus stepping in? The bus was fairly full and one cooler head could have calmed this situation. Common courtesy to turn down the music could have also stopped this, however it’s not clear how the person was asked to turn down the music. We only see the part that was videoed.
    The bus driver could have called police, or maybe he did, however it is not his job to intervene. He’s not trained to get into it in altercations.
    This day and age of video is shameful. Rather than help someone out, you pull out your phone.
    People need to get back to respecting each other. Very sad indeed.

  34. So by your logic, if a fight breaks out in front of, say, McDonald’s at the mall while you’re ordering….its the cashiers/food preps job to break up a fight? Nah, they have to do what this driver did and call for help. Ffs he has a license to drive, not emergency conflict resolution. All the people on that video were either scared or sweaty and screaming. I’m gonna sit my ass down just like he did before I’m punctured by an angry needle.

  35. Who ever shared this perspective of the incident is a loon. Driver handled it perfectly. Im guessing it was all the loud mouth womans fault.

    • Throwing a drink is an unacceptable response, but is nonetheless a response to his unacceptable escalating aggression. If her aim had been better, maybe we could focus on that.

    • Don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house. You got A LOT LESS punishment than you deserved Jeff Holmes.

  36. This is why I’m afraid to use the transit system now that I have a child it’s rare of me to do. I either walk, cab or catch a ride with someone I know. I would lose my mind if my little girl was assaulted like that even if the woman didnt mean to hit the child with her drink it shouldnt have happened. I dont like swearing around my child and the bus is suppose to be a swear free fight free place for the safety of everyone. The bus driver should have done something immediately for the safety of the passengers, like seriously do we ride at our own risk now? Are the rules not enforced? Do adults have to act like that infront of children and the elderly? Wheres the respect? Absolutely disgusting! Bus rides are for point A to point B whether someone listens to loud music it doesnt mean they will be there FOREVER so ignore or tell the driver and the driver should do something. Instead now a child was assaulted. Grown ass adults and acting like children.

  37. I’m pretty sure drivers are not allowed to get involved in fights. This driver did radio help, and tried to keep them separate while kicking the lady off. Drivers are not allowed to even help people on the bus you think there allowed to get into fights to break them? Let’s blame the driver instead of the idiots involved

    • Amanda Rains well said and that’s true their hands are pretty much tied to what they are allowed to do so sad everyone is pointing fingers at the driver whom I know

    • Amanda Gionette I fully agree, I msgd him yesterday just to let him know not everyone is against him. He is one of the most easy going drivers, and could see him consoling the young girl.
      I hope transit issues a statement, stating this was handled by him properly. Not everyone knows the ins and outs of transit and what the drivers are and aren’t allowed to do.
      The people in this city like to loose the point of a story and make the good guys look like there in the wrong.
      I’m sure these people are good people too, it just got heated quick and unfortunately she didn’t have good enough aim and hit the young girl. The look of fear on her face when the women started screaming was sad to see.

  38. The bus driver was the only one consoling the child. Sad situation, but I don’t think it’s a job requirement to get between two hostile people. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • It’s the bus drivers Job to keep everyone safe. If those two had continued to physically fight then they’re putting other passengers in danger. He should have stepped in and removed one from the bus.

    • Megan Devlin agreed. His job is to keep the passengers safe, but I don’t think getting in the middle is something he should have to do. The whole video is sad. 😞

    • Sad that someone recorded and tried to hold the driver accountable. The person recording could have stepped in too but didn’t, why? For their own safety. Same as the bus driver. People are so quick to turn on cameras and point fingers while doing nothing themselves.

  39. This city is trash af and I’m so happy that I don’t have to catch the bus anymore, what kind of person throws a drink in a kids face, I woulda acted the same way as the guy defending my kid, girl should be kicked off all buses

    • Megan Devlin if you were a bus driver you wouldn’t jump in either. That’s not the drivers job. The drivers job is to drive a bus not break up fights. This is one of the best drivers Transit has. If you don’t know the whole situation and basing your opinion of this childish video then shut your mouth.

    • Megan Devlin stepped in with what? His non existing tazer? And put his own safety in danger because people want to act like assholes? He’s a bus DRIVER not bus police officer. Smh

    • Katrina Vaes Trebinskie Jeesh what a nonsensical thing to say, the drivers are NOT PERMITTED to get involved or they risk getting fired for not following the rules and requirements of their position… and possibly putting the city in a position of liability. So please rethink your comments and bus driver bashing, these guys have a tough enough job without your bashing them for doing their job.

  40. Did anyone realize the drivers arent allowed to intervene. Ive seen so many fights and such on the buses and all they can do is stop in a safe spot and ask them to leave the bus. Because what happens if they attack the driver, whos gonna drive the bus then?

  41. If you ask me the bus driver should have handled that situation by throwing them both off the bus but I guess he left his balls at home that’s obvious by the way he handled it…

  42. I feel bad for the elderly/children having to sit through that bs. Driver should be ensuring safety of all his passengers and when it escalates police should be called.

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