An Illusion


After waking up at 5:00 am, on the morning of one of my days off, my husband and I decided to go for an early morning walk and then have breakfast together before he headed to work. After several hours awake, I was doing some reading and journalling and thinking about a goal that I have been working toward and trying to be patient on the manifestation of that goal. I then got the overwhelming urge to sleep, grabbed a small blanket and put my head down for a rest. That little nap resulted in an array of dreams. Since one particularly stood out to me and I love to analyze my dreams, I went to work on processing it.

In this particular video, which took place in my head as I slumbered, I was in a dorm-type facility and was walking back to my assigned room, from the lounge area. I then noticed that there were no exits, no windows and no exterior doors to the outside world. Upon further exploration, the dorm was an endless maze of hallways and rooms.

My room was the last one, at the end of a long wide hall. Once inside, there was a single bed to the right side, a desk along the back wall and a closet in the left corner. The room seemed very closed in and claustrophobic. It had old, green flowery wallpaper on the inside of the closet and then a large old picture with a gold leaf frame, propped up, at the back of the dark closet. I noticed something on the floor, under the picture, that piqued my attention.

The décor of the closet was like being in an old granny-style house, with antiques and lots of dust. Since it looked dirty inside the closet and I was going to organize my belongings into it, I pulled the old picture out. It stood about halfway up the back and the full width of the closet. It was light to lift and made of paper (without any glass). When I pulled it out, I noticed that there was a screen, like you would find on a screened patio door. The screen was loosely glued under the wallpaper, making the surface very bumpy at the top of the closet but it was covering an open, rectangular hole at the bottom of the closet.

There was nothing behind the screen, which was cut longer than the opening and the picture had been sitting on the bottom of the screen, to keep the opening covered. I realized that the entire back of the closet had been cut out, to access the underground parking lot area behind it. Immediately outside the opening were bins with Christmas decorations, old toys and items that you would store in a basement. Although there were no vehicles in this cement garage area, that was as long as the whole line of the dorm rooms, there was a partially opened garage door, leading to the street.

At that moment, I realized that there was nothing between the outside and my dorm room, other than a piece of loosely hanging screen, with a large picture sitting in front of the opening. It was like a large pet door that someone had haphazardly cut out of the lower part of the wall and then tried to hide. I called the dream, “An Illusion”, in my analysis, and began to unpack the meaning.

I was the only person visible in the dream so there were no other characters to break down. The stuff that I saw out in the garage likely represented the items we are still waiting to have shipped from our Newfoundland adventure, so I figured that is where the old picture and storage stuff in the dream came from.

Since our mind seems to incorporate items from the last several days of our waking life, into our dreams, this made perfect sense. The dorm was a reminder of my old days in residence at university and at three different police college dorms, which I have recently discussed in conversations. The most interesting part though was the fact that the closet appeared normal, but it wasn’t. What I thought was a secure building, with no exits, actually had a concealed opening to the outside world.

After analysis, it turned out that what I thought was reality, was actually an illusion. I surmised that what appears to be a dead-end, on the goal I have been working toward, is possible, even if I haven’t quite reached it yet. There is always a way and I just need to get more creative in my thinking. defines an illusion as “something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality”. I believe life is like this. We buy into illusions or false beliefs. We form an opinion about a situation and believe that to be the truth, even though it is not the case at all. If you believe you are not good enough, that is not the truth. If you believe there is no hope, that is not the truth. If you believe you have tried everything, that is not the truth. If you believe something will never happen for you, that is not the truth.

We have beliefs about our lives and our life situations that are not true. By buying into negative and limiting beliefs, we are inhibiting the creative process and stifling ideas that will propel us forward. Since our actions fall in line with our beliefs, we act differently, depending on what we believe. Our life tends to parallel our thoughts. Behind the very things that are holding us back seem impossible and appear to be a dead-end, are not a dead-end at all. Maybe we need to look closer, dig deeper, do more investigating, try harder and find the way through.

Even though our dreams may just be our brain attempting to make sense of the bits and pieces of information that we are exposed to each day, I prefer to believe that the dreams are a reflection portal and can be hidden answers to our life questions. There was a way out, all along, but I hadn’t found it yet. I was in a state of accepting that there just wasn’t a solution and that I may as well just settle in and make myself comfortable with my new reality. Instead, the solution was there all along, but I hadn’t discovered it yet.

Now, don’t go checking the inside of your closets looking for secret passageways to the outside world. Instead, decide that many of your beliefs, thoughts, opinions or conclusions are just illusions and not the truth. We need to question every one of our beliefs and challenge them, especially when they do not serve us.

“I can choose either to be a victim of the world or an adventurer in search of treasure. It’s all a question of how I view my life.” ~ Paulo Coelho

What do you believe, that may be holding you back? What belief can you rephrase and reword to be more productive, in your life? What have you decided is a dead end that you may need to reinvestigate for a new solution?

Keep on pressing on, one thought at a time. Just make sure those thoughts are serving you and not sabotaging you along the way. Life is too short to be miserable. Together, let’s explore this planet and search for doors and treasures.

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