Chris Carr “The Super Star” Receives New Bike


Chris Carr’s impact on the city runs far and wide.

Sometimes he is cutting lawns, other times he’s helping with Chuck-a-Puck clean up with the Greyhounds. Those are just a couple of the tasks Chris volunteers his time for.

Chris doesn’t drive to these events, rather he will bus or walk, but in the summer time weather, Chris uses his “fat bike”. Chris saved up $1400 of his hard earned money to purchase a bike, which he quoted as his “pride and joy” in a Facebook post.

Although, that Facebook post was not celebrating his purchase.

“To who ever took my $1400 bike when it was locked up outside of staples you you took my pride and joy away from me My fatbike was my only means of transportation for me to get around and cut grass Now I have no way of getting to my grass cutting places” read the Facebook post, that went up on July 7th.

The community feedback was instant once it heard Chris’s bike was taken. The post was immediately shared over 100 times, with photos of the bike circling the web as Chris hoped he would be able to find his bike.

A “GoFundMe” page was promptly organized by Trev Zachary, GM of the Soo Thunderbirds, a team where Chris has the role of assistant equipment manager.

While the support for the GoFundMe was coming in, the page had been locked at $370 dollars.

Enter Greg LeFave.

Greg, as someone who recognizes the work that Chris so selflessly does year round, jumped on the opportunity to help someone who gives so much.

“I’m so happy that everyone came together to help Chris. He’s an amazing part of this community and it was great to see all the small businesses in town jump to his rescue. The fact we raised $1400 in three hours just shows how important Chris is to this city and how amazing our local business owners are” said LeFave in a comment to

Saturday afternoon Chris was able to finally get his hands on his new bike for the first time. As he walked out of Sportchek, head held high, an ear-to-ear grin was plastered on his face.

While Chris does have a new bike, his other one is still out there. His original red fat bike with “Velorution” written on the side is still in wrong hands, and it is encouraged to contact police if you believe you’ve found it.

For the time being, what are Chris’s plans for the remainder of Saturday?

“I’m going for a bike ride, then I’m headed home”.

No better way to spend a weekend.



  1. So happy for you Cuz, you do deserve this you are a great guy, and doing so much for others.

  2. Glad there was a happy ending to the story, but it was really rotten of the person who stole Chris`s original bike. Must make Chris feel really good to know he`s appreciated so much.

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