Colourful Don Cherry to return to Hockey Night in Canada broadcasts

Don Cherry

TORONTO — Don Cherry is staying put.

The colourful host of “Coach’s Corner” on Hockey Night in Canada says he was told by his bosses shortly after the NHL playoffs that he’d return next season.

On Saturday, Toronto Sun columnist Steve Simmons wrote Cherry’s return next season hadn’t been confirmed.

Since 1986, Cherry has appeared on “Coach’s Corner,” with long-time sidekick Ron MacLean.

Cherry has become popular with fans for his eccentric suits and often candid slant on all things hockey.

But the former Boston Bruins and Colorado Rockies head coach was the bane of the Carolina Hurricanes and their fans last season when he called the team “a bunch of jerks” in response to the players doing their “Storm Surge” celebrations at centre ice when they raised their sticks to salute their supporters following home victories.

The Hurricanes embraced Cherry’s criticism by selling “Bunch of Jerks” T-shirts.


  1. A poor commentary on the state of our national sport. If he is the best they can come up with, good riddance to viewership…

  2. Thankfully we have a mute button on our remotes that we can hit before he opens his oversized pie hole and starts with his loudmouth ranting.

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