Diversity a Canadian strength, Trudeau says of Trump tweets at congresswomen


PETAWAWA, Ont. — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says President Donald Trump’s suggestion that four female members of Congress should go back where they came from if they don’t like America wouldn’t fly in Canada.

All four women are Democrats, political liberals, people of colour, and three were born in the United States.

Trump tweeted that the legislators should return to the “broken and crime-infested” countries they came from, fix those places, and maybe come back to the U.S. when they have lessons to teach.

Trudeau avoided using Trump’s name when he was asked about the president’s Twitter comments at an appearance Monday in eastern Ontario.

But he said Canadians and people around the world “know exactly what I think about those particular comments.”

He said a “Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian” and called diversity one of Canada’s greatest strengths.

The Canadian Press


  1. he keeps saying that but how oh how is diversity a strength of all things? lots of people throw that line out but nobody can explain it. How can it be taken seriously?

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