GALLERY: The Final Mural Unveiled


The Downtown Association with FutureSSM saw part of the downtown revitalization process culminate as the final mural was officially revealed to the public.

The joint operation was celebrated in true Soo fashion, with a block party. As tradition, each unveiling came with a block party to commemorate the fantastic work done by both local and outsourced artists to add a bit more colour into the city’s downtown core.

498 Queen St. East is now home to the last painting, created by artist Jerry Rugg, better known by his pseudonym “birdO”.

birdO working on a mural. @jerryrugg on Instagram

The internationally traveled artist boasts 15,000+ followers on his Instagram page which boasts his other works of art.

The city received an immaculate response from artists when reached out to for quotes, mainly due to the ultimate goals set in place with this initiative.

With keeping students and youth in mind, who were mentored as apart of the process, the city also used this project as a way to give the downtown a sense of identity as well as increase foot traffic in the important Queen Street area.


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