Gas Prices up, down and up


You may have noticed major fluctuations in gas prices over the last week, some going up by 10 cents and others dropping by just as much .

The Yo-yo prices have been hard to keep up with starting before the long Canada Day weekend, Esso stations jacked prices to $1.34 for two days, then dropping to $1.24 before Canada Day. Other stations held prices steady at $1.24 . Following the long weekend, prices continued to fall to $1.22 a litre then all the way down to $1.19 for one day before prices everywhere settled in the $.1.29 mark.

Gas and petroleum expert, Dan McTeague from says the fluctuations are due to the tightness in the market. A tightness in supply that McTeague said is largely due to a fire that occurred last week at the world’s largest oil refinery, Philadelphia Energy Solutions.

As of today, July 5th, the lowest price for fuel is $1.05 a litre in Moraviantown First Nation near Chatham Ontario. The average price in Ontario is $1.22.2 a litre


  1. The gouging game continues and the price per liter is upsetting, but the price per gallon is downright sickening @ $6.05 for a gallon of regular.

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