Legal pot price as much as 80 per cent more than illicit: StatCan


OTTAWA — Statistics Canada says the average cost of a gram of cannabis from the illicit market continues to drop as legal prices rise — with authorized retailers charging as much as 80 per cent more.

The government agency says the average price of an illegal gram of pot was $5.93 in the second quarter, down from $6.23 in the previous quarter.

The cost of a legal gram of weed, however, was $10.65, up from $10.21 in the previous quarter and nearly 80 per cent more than the average price of illicit weed during the second quarter.

Statistics Canada based these conclusions on price quotes gathered using its StatsCannabis crowdsourcing application between April 1 and June 30, 572 of which were deemed plausible.

Overall, based on the voluntary submissions, the average price per gram of cannabis fell to $7.87 from $8.03 in the previous quarter, largely attributed to lower illegal prices.

The share of StatsCannabis respondents purchasing pot illegally rose to 59 per cent during the quarter, up from 55 per cent in the first quarter.

Statistics Canada urged caution when interpreting the data, as the quotes are self-submitted and the number of responses are limited.


  1. I’d like to know of the ‘crime’ statistics of this legalization… Such as, how much have we saved as taxpayers NOT having to prosecute these baloney charges of pot possession and the like.

    That was what I was looking forward to, freeing up the justice system to deal with the REAL problems!

  2. Yeah. They could’ve taxed it reasonably and enforced decent pricing, instead everyone is digging for every penny they can. Hey look, it’s barely affected the black market!

    • They close stores down that have been open since 2005…. so that government operations can take over! This is a travesty!!!! 😡😡😡

      Out here in BC, we fight hard!

  3. I wonder if this as anything to do with the outrageous fees the shops have to pay just to get started, and the amounts the goverment is charging in fines for not being open “on time”

  4. Did anyone actually think it would be cheaper? Our government has no business being in business, they are much to inefficient and create far to many regulations for any government managed venture to be profitable

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