Local Air Cadet Builds Life Skills at Trenton Cadet Training Centre

Photo: FSgt Harmony Deslauriers, Trenton CTC Cadet Correspondent (Photo credit), © 2019 DND-MDN Canada

12 year old, Cadet Jake Roberts of 696 Golden Wing Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron in Blind River, Ontario, has begun the two week General Training (GT) course at Trenton Cadet Training Centre (CTC).

The GT course is designed to help younger cadets develop life skills, find new interests, and make friends for life.

Cadet Roberts said that his summer training experience has been good so far, highlighting the exciting number of activities they participate in. Jake also noted that he really enjoyed going swimming with his friends, and that he is most excited for the National Air Force museum as he has an interest in planes. Cadet Roberts is also interested in taking aviation courses in the future as he is an aspiring glider pilot. He also likes playing sports on his free time and in his hometown.

Trenton Cadet Training Centre (CTC) strives to offer programs to youth aged 12 to 18 that are challenging and will help them acquire new learning experiences. Trenton strives
to foster and encourage team spirit, mutual assistance, comradeship and physical fitness in a safe and fulfilling climate. Each summer, approximately 1000 course cadets, 90 staff cadets and 120 adult staff from all across Ontario attend Trenton CTC where a broad array of course ranging from introductory to advanced courses specializing in basic aviation technology and aerospace, music as well as leadership and ceremonial instructor courses.

The cadet program is open to all youth between the ages of 12-18 years old with a focus on leadership, citizenship and healthy living. If you are ready for the challenge, visit www.cadets.ca and click on “Find Us” and visit our Facebook page to see their adventures! www.facebook.com/centralregioncadets