Police Continue to Receive Complaints for AMBER Alerts 


The Ontario AMBER Alert program continues to be an instrumental tool in assisting both the public and police with locating an abducted child who may be in danger.

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) would like to remind the public that calling 911 or any emergency service communication centre is not an appropriate venue to complain about AMBER Alerts.

The decision to utilize the Ontario AMBER Alert is based on established criteria, and is not taken lightly. In 2019, there has been five AMBER Alerts activated. As a direct result of these Alerts, four assisted in the safe return of the child/children and one with the apprehension of a suspect.  The OPP recognizes the inconvenience the Alert may have caused, but will not apologize for using all of the tools available to help locate a child.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) mandated the broadcasting industry to distribute emergency alert messages, which includes AMBER Alerts. As of April 2018, compatible wireless networks (wireless public alerting) were included in this mandate. The only option to not receive these alerts to a mobile device is to have your device turned off. However, if your device is turned off you will be unable to receive any emergency alert that may contain information of imminent danger in your area.


  1. On my phone I can turn off the sound for emergency alerts but I still wake it to the nortification displayed on my phone. It is just an android phone so I imagine most phones have the same option. Turning off the sound allows me to still get the alerts, without the noise. Instead, I see the alert and have to click OK for it to be removed from my display.

  2. I have no problem with getting a Amber alert but there may be a glitch with providers , my phone continued to go off about every 10 min. until I got up to see why it continued going on

  3. Quit complaining if that was your child 👶 you would want everyone to help.
    The Amber Alert 🚨 is awesome tool for police 👮‍♀️.
    Worked again 👍👍🇨🇦

  4. So sad I wish the people complained should feel the same feeling that parent is going threw that is so sad we have some selfminded people in this world it is too bad ..

  5. What is wrong with people? Charge them all with public mischief. Set up Amber Alert courts! I wish it would not disappear from screen. I think they should stay on screen till deleted by the reader.

  6. Who cares if it was a child missing or an elderly senior that was missing!! They were found safe and sound and the kids are okay…that is all that matters. WAKE ME ALL NIGHT AMBER ALERTS!!!!

  7. Hey stupid people out there, if you don’t want to hear Alert, don’ t activate it…and most phones out there have a volume button, learn how to use it. otherwise shut up.

  8. Im pregnent as crap and can hardly sleep at night, last night the alert went off just as i finley got to sleep…then once agen! and what did i do???? I read it bouth times to see whats going on and if i was in the area to ever posibly help thows poor childern. Nop, so i rool back over and fight for sleep. Why wast time and money to call and complane when childern could be saved!?!?! 🙄

  9. Wow really some people complaining about an Anber Alert here’s a solution shut your phone off then you won’t have to run your big mouth with your Stupid comment’s it’s that simple!!!

  10. Here’s to hoping we can ALL find the compassion in our hearts to welcome an Amber Alert, despite any inconvenience. May we also ALL have empathy for the child and the family.

  11. I wish I can start a petition for 911 to be able to reveal names of anyone who calls to complain about it or at least even there phone number or a huge fine or anything…..what kind of person do u have to be to to do something like that when someone’s child(ren) are in danger? Half these ppl probably don’t even work I would love for them to work my job where u get next to no sleep and work outta town away from family. Absolutely pathetic. I think that a huge fine and a sign in the front yard saying I called 911 to complain about an amber alert for at least a month should be placed…anything along the lines of that to get ppl to stop because unless they get dealt with they won’t be is so sad

  12. I think if it was a voluntary program that would alleviate the issues those who complain are not likely to read the alert and thus wouldn’t be of any help anyhow. people who pay good money for their phones should not Have to turn them off. Make it a voluntary program and it should stop the complaining.

  13. I think amber alerts are designed for children who are in danger… not necessarily JUST kidnapped. At least that’s the way I’ve always looked at it. People need to stop complaining because KARMA will find the people who complain. It’s an “inconvenience” until it’s your child, or family member who is missing, and you want ALL eyes out looking for them

  14. I’m all for these Amber Alerts and have NO problem with them – but this one, was it really an Amber Alert? Of course we don’t know the whole story but article indicates children were with their grandfather, no concern for their health and welfare. Even at this an alert may have been appropriate for Southern Ontario only as concern was more about grandfather being confused/lost. https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2019/07/11/amber-alert-issued-for-two-ontario-children-last-seen-in-newmarket.html

    • If my father took my son for an outing, didn’t bring him back around the agreed upon time and I couldn’t get ahold of him to see what was going on/make sure they were ok you best believe I would be contacting the police to file a missing persons report 🤷‍♀️ anything could have happened. As the post above me points out, it doesn’t need to be for a malicious reason to be considered an amber alert.

  15. Shaking my head.
    Stop being so self-centred. No, if you live in Wiarton or some small off-the-beaten track village you’re not likely to spot the subject vehicle. But there ARE people who are up and on the road at 3am who might. Until technology advances that only those people can be selected, we all have to do our best.
    The February alert led to the discovery of the awful father who killed his daughter on her birthday. Not soon enough, unfortunately, but st least he was caught.

  16. What I don’t understand is why anyone would call 911 to complain. You can wake me up anytime AND if I’m not mistaken wasn’t it because of the Amber Alert that they were found

  17. Enough already!! This could be someone you know and love that has gone missing. It woke me up too but I was not angry. I listened to the description especially since it was not far from where I live. Amber alerts have proven to work!! Stop being selfish and have compassion for the family who are afraid and worried about their little one!!

  18. The Amber Alert is great but if children have been missing since the afternoon, one would think an alert would go out way before 3:45 AM the next morning?

    • Heather Graves-Cook because the kids weren’t in immediate danger. The went out with grandpa for a ride. It wasn’t until later when things were deemed outside the norm.

  19. So sad people have to complain about some one trying to find there children makes me sick but i bet if it was one of theres i bet there attitued would change about the amber alerts

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