Safeguards Secured for Sault Steel

Terry Sheehan - Steel

Terry Sheehan, Member of Parliament for Sault Ste. Marie, is pleased that Sault steelworkers will be protected by new safeguard legislation for Canada’s steel industry.

“Our government worked together, as Team Canada, to get American tariffs on Canadian Steel removed. As the next step, these safeguards give the federal government room to quickly protect steelworkers, including those in the Sault,” MP Sheehan said.

This legislation, Bill C-101, allows the imposition of safeguard measures on imports which were previously subject to safeguards. It gives the federal government the flexibility needed to stabilize Canada’s market, and further protect Canadian workers and producers in the steel industry from the harmful effects of substantiated surges in imports.

Bill Morneau, Minister of Finance, said, “workers, and the families and communities they support, need to know that their jobs will be safe in the long term, even as countries around the world continue to rethink their approach to trade. They want to know that their government will be there for them, if and when they need us to step up again. That’s exactly what we’ve done with Bill C-101.”

The Government is closely monitoring the import situation and stands ready to take appropriate action should there be evidence that a surge in steel imports may be harming Canadian workers and producers.

Earlier in June, MP Sheehan debated Conservative MPs in the House of Commons on the importance of protecting Canadian steelworkers.

When asked about the opposition’s position on safeguards, Terry said, “Conservatives didn’t have the best interests of steelworkers in mind. Back in May, Conservatives started paying lip service to the safeguard idea while our government worked on a solution. Then, when it came to a vote, Conservatives opposed the initial motion, voted against safeguards a second time, and then refused to support them in the House before our government got them passed. They were trying to score political points on the backs of Canadian steelworkers and it was appalling. I’m proud that our government has made common-sense decisions to support the steel industry, and I’ll always be committed to protecting steelworkers and their families,” MP Sheehan said.