Spina Says “Enough Is Enough”


Sonny Spina, Conservative Candidate for the Sault Ste. Marie riding for the upcoming October Federal Election issued a statement surrounding the visit of the Attorney General to the Sault on Sunday.

In Sault Ste Marie we value and believe that everyone has the right to come forward if they see something happening that is wrong.

Earlier this year, former Health and Treasury Minister Jane Philpott and former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould were fired from their positions for blowing the whistle and talking about inappropriate behaviour and pressure from Trudeau’s officials. In essence, they were fired for standing up and doing the right thing.

By Terry and the Liberal Party’s actions yesterday, it seems they don’t care. Terry flew Trudeau’s replacement Attorney General to Sault Ste. Marie for a fundraiser tonight.  At the same time, it has been reported by the CBC that Trudeau has rehired Gerald Butts, the man who just 5 months ago resigned from the Trudeau Liberals in disgrace over his involvement in the SNC Lavalin Scandal.

This isn’t the first time Terry’s priorities have not been on our community. Earlier this summer it was reported that he pushed for and celebrated nearly one million dollars of FEDNOR funding for a business that does not have an office or even a single job here in Sault Ste. Marie.  That money, is meant to help develop businesses in Northern Ontario.  Sadly, it was approved and reportedly sent to Southern Ontario without evidence to suggest any of it would be actually staying here to help our community.

Enough is enough.  It’s time to stop the scandals.  It’s time for elected officials to start putting Sault Ste. Marie first, and I intend to do that with your support this October.


  1. Full of lies. This guy is an narcissistic ego maniac who has no business in a position of power.

  2. What a conundrum. There are no parties worthy of voting for (that have a chance of winning) so this is why the voter turnout continues to be poor. If we vote it is for the best of the worst which doesn’t even make any sense as the two main parties are both corrupt and the NDP, too!
    You should have never quit your day job Sonny as you don’t have a hope in hell of winning this position.

    • Alright Ted, then who is the best choice , in your opinion. It’s good to flap your yap but you really haven’t said anything intelligent here. Do you really believe that Sheehan will do more for the city other than be a supporter of sharia law and the destruction of energy jobs? If you think he has any concern for Saultites, change your medication. Better yet, do you want the commie right wing socialist ndp. Wowsers, Ted. Wake up.
      Did Spina give you a ticket for speeding or being intoxicated in a public place?

    • The legacy of the Trudeau fiberal government has been the gutting of free speech, the SNC-Lavalin scandal, the Mark Norman scandal, Trudeau’s ethics violations via his puppeteer the Aga Khan, the abuse of billions of taxpayer dollars given to buddies, the total failure to manage issues against China, incompetence interacting with the US, the utter arrogance of Trudeau and his ministers… etc. etc. The list is too long, the space too short. Sheehan has shown no backbone in standing up for what is right – he simply does what he is told.

  3. A lot of babbling critics with nothing positive to say. If you haven’t an alternative for whom you think is better, then you have no point to make. In reality I will vote for Spina, as I do believe he will be better than the current hiny licker we have in Sheehan. The ndp aren’t even a consideration. For all the Ford haters, I do believe that he will become a better premier this year. Would you rather have the lieberals back?

  4. Oh hot damn 😅 the one party that will have your name dragged through the mud. 🚫🚫 PC🚫🚫
    ~Steal from those with needs
    ~attack the vulnerable
    ~cutting jobs
    ~cut health care
    ~cuts to educators..increase class sizes, less supports in schools

  5. People say a platform is necessary. Why did Trudeau follow his. Not on the deficit, not on the way we vote, not on doing government differently to name a few. Don’t get me wrong all politicians LIE because we voters let them get away with it and vote them back in. We should be voting them out no matter what party and send the message we won’t tolerate being lied to. That way when they make a platform it will have to be one that they can deliver on not one made up of fantasy. Trudeau says he is committed to climate change yet he is not listening to the scientists or economists himself. If climate change calls for 102 dollars a ton and you are committed then make it 102 dollars a ton. He keeps it low to win the election that is what he is committed to and saying he is doing something is a cop out he is just throwing that cash away because it accomplishes very little.

  6. I wouldn’t vote for a party lead by Andrew Scheer or that embraced as provincial leaders Doug Ford and Jason Kenney. PERIOD. NOT A CHANCE. I remember what Mike Harris did and I remember what Stephen Harper did. And these guys are even worse.

  7. Folks, justin trudeau gave away $4 BILLION of your tax dollars in his 1st 100 days in office. And to who ?? Special interest groups outside of Canada. You can’t make this stuff up !! justin trudeau wants to be handed the nobel peace prize, for generosity, and doing so on the backs of hard working Canadians. What this lieberal government has pulled off is nothing short of criminal. In snc Lavalin, trudeau is desperate to save 9000 professional jobs, in Quebec, where he needs votes, but doesn’t care about the 100,000 blue collar jobs in the rest of the country. The debt and deficit is astronomical, even though trudeau promised $10 Billion/year, which is still staggering. You and I, our children & grandchildren will be paying off the lieberal debt for several generations. That is unless, we take the 1st positive step & dump trudeau & his gang of misfits on Oct. 21.

  8. Last time a conservative said he would do what was best for the Soo he promptly contributed funds to Sydney Steel in contravention of their free trade deal and penalizing the steel and rail industry in Canada. Myself and 3000 others lost our jobs at Algoma because of that move.

  9. It is about time the Cons tell us something about Andrew Scheer. He is really an unknown to many of us. Does he have a platform or is he going to pull a FORD and not present a platform?

  10. She was fired for publicity bashing the primeminister and not following the proper channels. It wasn’t because she was being a ” whistleblower”. It wasn’t because ” she was a woman” because any man would have been fired just the same….that’s part of equality that we all want. Any good candidate would be talking about what they PERSONALLY bring to the table and what there values are and how they align with serving the community. Canidates who mud sling often do so because they have nothing personally to offer in terms of experience and values. Going to the news and saying something like i will fight to ban abortion with my colleagues doesn’t have the same ring as look what the other guy is doing i guess. The people of SSM aren’t stupid Mr Spina. Bye Felicia 👋

    • Tracey Drexler No, we are not stupid…we don’t accept the ramblings, the underhanded deals that 5he Trudeau liberals tried…and I support 5he two who were honest even though it cost them their jobs….that’s what we need in government ……HONESTY, Not adherence to double dealing as they have in the Trump regime in USA. I hate what Ford stands for as well! So what choice is there? that’s a rhetorical question by the way. What honesty is left in government?

  11. All parties are crooked and lie, it’s what politicians do. Not that I’m a fan of Mr. Dressup and his

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