Imagine for the second that we are driving along a dirt road to get to a beautiful destination. You can visualize being in any kind of car or truck or whatever your heart desires. As we come around a bend (in whatever you imagined us driving) we encounter a massive mud hole. There is nowhere to go and we end up right in the middle of it. We are stuck. The bottom of our tires is buried in thick, messy mud and we are sinking slowly.

That little visualization exercise is all about the power of our minds. We can put an idea in our mind and run with it. We can play make-believe, we can dream, we can plan, we can worry or we can do whatever we want with our mind, but many times, we allow our mind to keep us stuck, even though we are trying to get somewhere great.

If we return to our mud hole incident we are now stuck outside the vehicle, alongside whatever we visualized driving and we are knee-deep in mud. We are messy, dirty, sinking by the minute and covered in the same slop that has our mode of transportation also stuck. Now, what do we do?

In life, many of us get stuck in the mud. We do our best to navigate the roads, the bends, the turns and the things that come up in our path. Many times; however, no matter how great we are at driving, we get stuck. I was going to use the snow analogy and getting stuck in the snow, but most of us are not interested in even thinking about snow and how cold it is when there is snow outside or how often we have been spinning our tires on ice or in slush or on packed snow.

See, even if I didn’t want to use the snow analogy, you can still imagine the snow and getting stuck in it anyway. Remember all of those times when we battled with the downside of snow? There goes the power of our mind again. We can return to, go to, bring up, recall or remember things that happened days, weeks, years or even decades ago. Our minds are that powerful.

Our minds are also so powerful that we can come up with solutions of how to get unstuck, in order that we can continue to advance toward where we are headed. Most people wouldn’t get stuck in mud or snow and just remain there indefinitely. Usually, our brains would go to work to come up with solutions.

We might call a friend, a tow truck, yell for help, grab something from our vehicle to dig ourselves out, get branches from the bush and try to make a pathway of trees and branches in the mud or snow to provide traction, flag down another motorist for assistance, etc.

We rarely just stay there. Yet, there are many of us who stay stuck in life. We have ended up in a mess, covered with mud on our face, not getting anywhere, damaged, wounded, hurt or exhausted from trying to claw our way out of our life messes. We may just eventually give up, decide that we may as well stay where we are than do something about our situation. We may have tried and tried before, but nothing has worked.

Since we wouldn’t just stay in the mud endlessly, we might just take a break and start the digging out process again. We likely wouldn’t just set up shop in the middle of the mud hole and decide that we are destined to live in the mud, forever. We might just rest for a moment and then put our thinking caps back on, to make a plan. We might decide that it has been a very hard journey but giving up just isn’t an option because we were looking forward to getting to the place that we know will make us feel happier.

Our imagination is endless and it can create something out of nothing and anything out of a thought. The thought then results in action (or inaction) and the action will bring the result (or not). The choice is ours. We also choose who we spend our time with and hanging out with those who are just lazily stucking around all the time, is usually not good for our progress.

If we are muddy, tired, stressed, worn out, at our wit’s end, out of ideas or stalled, let’s not just stay there. There is so much living to do. As long as we are looking for solutions, we will find one. Every invention, business, product, relationship, career, dream, goal or destination started as a thought.

Let’s just keep going. Let’s decide where we want to be, make a plan, try every single idea until something works. Period. What is your next destination? What is waiting on the other side of your mess? Where would you like to be unstuck?

“The sky is not my limit…I am.” ~ T.F. Hodge

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