City as well as Man and Woman in Bus Video Incident Respond


The City of Sault Ste. Marie responded to SaultOnline’s request for comment regarding an altercation that occurred on a city transit bus this past Saturday. A video submitted by a passenger who recorded the incident as it unfolded shows a altercation which ensued between a female and a male passengers which seemed to quickly escalate with children present.

Tessa Vecchio, Communications Officer for the City, responded by stating: “It is upsetting that our passengers had to experience this situation. The safety of our riders and operators is always our priority. We do have procedures regarding how staff address escalated situations with passengers and our transit team is currently reviewing this incident.”

The male passenger involved in the incident also responded via the story’s comment section stating:

“Unfortunately i am the man in the video. What the video doesn’t show is the woman hitting my child directly in the face with a full iced coffee then jumping on top of me and punching me in the face repeatedly. I shielded my child, i pushed the woman off of me and was pulled down to the ground with her.

You hear me threaten her but only after my child and myself were assaulted and threatened also. The woman screams and swears in my face and continues to block my path.

In the heat of the moment i made a poor choice of words and regret acting that way in front of my daughter and the other passengers. But realistically i was assaulted i had every right to be mad.

To the reporter that recorded and posted the video… you’re missing what really happened and in my opinion you aggravated the situation. The driver did what he could do at the time and when safe to do so, pulled over and the woman and her friend were kicked off the bus. Next time don’t stick a camera in someones face when they are obviously upset, then twist the story to suit your own agenda.”

Meanwhile, the woman in the video also contacted SaultOnline, apologizing for the incident.

“I am the lady in one of your videos. ” The woman writes, ” I have not only embarrassed myself, but my family, friends and also the man’s loved ones. I have made a mockery of my family and of that man’s family and I wish that incident had never happened.”

SaultOnline will continue to provide further updates as information becomes available.


  1. I am sure the video camera footage on the bus will be looked at, then the truth will come out on who was in the wrong here. Riding the bus is horrible, people loudly swearing etc. all the time. It’s disgusting to have to listen to it. You can’t say anything in fear of retaliation ( to the people swearing) Do you have to go up to the bus driver and tell them ( there is a sign posted about foul language and bad behaviour resulting in you being removed off the bus) but then the driver would have to stop , force the people off which in turn could lead to an escalation…. what’s the answer to this problem ? Hoping council passes the Uber issue so the need for taking the bus and tolerating this behaviour all the time will no longer be an issue. Have some respect for others around you, absolutely ridiculous.

  2. Why didn’t the bus driver pull over and call for assistance from the police department????
    I swear there must be something going on with the moon or barometric pressure. Everyone seems to be in a mood. Migraines, and moodiness even seizures are more common place. Boy let’s wish the best for the little ones…

  3. I’m very unhappy with the video I just watched and all the comments being made that women should be arrested and charged with child abuse as well as child endangerment against the other two children. shame on you as a women for doing such a terrible act against a child. Shame on you for even being so rude and playing music so loud in a public forum first mistake made be respectful …. clearly given what’s been witnessed she was never taught respect, period!!! Shame on you is the only thing that comes to mind for making that little girl run with terror in her face and for that other littler girl that was so scared she was covering her ears again SHAME ON YOU !!!! To the local POLICE do your job and arrest that women and get an apology from our transit commissioner for the lack of integrity that bus driver showed !!! The very least he should have called the police and removed the women from the bus!!!!

    • Police were called against the man. What the video doesn’t show was a young lady defending an autistic boy against a belligerent man. When she was yelled at for speaking out she tossed her iced coffee at the man. He then grabbed the young lady and threw her from her seat. When she got back up that’s when the video started rolling. I’m proud of her and everyone should be more like her. Stand up to abusive people!!!!

      • I agree! My husband and I both wish we were on the bus when this happened. I
        We know this young lady very well and she is a sweet, gentle loving and kind person. And her parents have done a GREAT job raising her.

  4. So if you get on a city bus you’re trapped there till the next bus stop no matter what’s going on? I agree the bus driver or any of the passengers did not have to get physically in the middle of this altercation. But!!! I do not think that bus should not have been moving. Pull to the side, open the doors and ask the participants to get off. If they don’t then everyone else should have gotten off and waited for police.
    No I do not think the driver handled this situation correctly.

  5. Sault online should take this video down, not online does it not depict the full story there are people in this video who did not give their permission for it to be viewed on a news forum as well as underaged children….

    Posting developing stories is one thing, posting videos that do not depict the interaction being described and posting people and CHILDREN without their consent on something that can easily be googled is another…

    No matter the case be responsible and remove the video and allow people to search for it on their own if they need to see these disgusting acts so badly..

    Remember people 3 sides to every story, his side, her side and the truth.. * I do not know any party in this video before someone thinks I’m defending someone *!

  6. It is not the bus drivers job to intervene in a physical assault. They are not obligated to get drawn into a physical altercation between two morons. That is the job of the SSM Police. That’s why they get paid the big bucks, have all the training and all the appropriate devices should things escalate, such as a knife being pulled or worse. As a born and raised resident of SSM, it absolutely disgusts me that these two morons will be the face of our city on Youtube for time immortal. She acted like an ass the entire time, and he wasn’t much better and went way overboard by threatening her life at the end of the altercation. A black eye on the decent, hard-working, mature, respectful residents of the Sault Ste. Marie to say the very least.

  7. Kudos to both parties for acknowledging the behaviour and taking responsibility for it. This was an unfortunate incident that I’m everyone wishes didn’t happen.

    People need to stop throwing stones because, those of you who are chirping the most, are the ones living in glass houses.

    I actually fully agree that whoever sent this video in did more harm then good. This is a poor display of journalism and I would assume this website would be better then that.

  8. Y’all wanna know what really happened ? I am her friend that had to pull this man off of her because after her threw her across the bus on someone’s stroller, he then got on top of her and starting hammering shots. I got up and got the man off of her while she finally got up. He then continued to start beating on her yelling around. All because this man didn’t like that an autistic boy was playing a song for his grandmother. This man has no right to call himself a father. After we got kicked off and he stayed , he was still causing ruckus. Comment when you actually know what happened instead of pulling it out of your ass.

    • Your right i heard bout what happened my friend was on the bus also and seen the whole thing and as for the driver it was his job to call the police as a assult just took place hope your friend is ok and the kids r ok ..him hes a dick for laying his hands on a woman he should go to jail

    • yeah I’d like to see the Transit video. Not the young self proclaimed journalist/reporter. The people who coments I was the woman’s friend and I saw or helped.. Obvious have a Biased opinion on what really happened, so Can’t really take your word what really happened either They both were in precence of kids, but lets blame the man cuz at end of video she was using colourful language too,,,, Yeah poeple know the whole story… don’t jump on the bandwagon rightaway and blame the dude… but thats pretty much the norm I noticed in this town… lets take sides, when we know really nothing about what happened… Never ever rust what video shows… cuz why didn’t person who started recording try to stop the fight… I bet it would have gone different… but nope just be a jerkass and hide while recording, and then to tell the bus driver how to do his job… really… Bus driver was doing his job…. Get a clue people, read between lines, use that brain you have inside your head. think for yourself, stop jumping on the 1st bandwagon that goes by… 🙁 Dissapointed by many of the comments on here,,, That’s my 2 cents worth… take care y’all…eh

  9. Her statement is crap, I’m glad she is embarrassed, she should be.. she assaulted a child and almost hurt another one. She landed on a stroller with another child in it crushing and breaking said stroller. Honestly why do adults act like this.

  10. Remember the old saying; 2 wrongs so don’t make it right! But what would be good, being a man of and turning yourself in and facing the music. That poor child has to deal with the possibility of you coming to take his Mothers life, traumatic to say the least! As well as the Lady needs to as well,
    but I guessing she sees no fault of her own!

  11. Nice to see the apologies & no one was badly hurt… the saddest part is a child was scared when she should have felt safe … we all can say we have lost it sometimes

  12. Let’s see if the “hefty broad” has an apology for the young girl that got a cup of liquid in her face. It is unbelievable that so many people only read the story and not watched the video and felt the need to blame the innocent bus driver and the victims.

    • LOL you’re funny , you were not there and didn’t see anything. Keep your irrelevant opinion to yourself please 💗

      • Mikaela You’re even funnier… but not the ha ha way…. If you can’t take other people’s opinion you should not be allowed on social media. What give you the right to share your opinion, but no one else can? Obviously you are friends with the woman, and have a biased opinion… lets wait until all video is shared as most busses have two cameras as well… I never ever trust video from someone whipping out their cell phone… Ask everyone on that bus what happened , and you will get multiple completely different stories… but we are suppose to believe you because you are friends with the woman, and were there… I saw the cell phone footage… woman was using colourful language too… but no lets blame man for using language to and protecting who I assume was his daughter… if I trhrew a drink at you and it missed you and hit say your younger sister, or niece, would you let it slide… or would you lose your mind because you are suoopse to protect the child… get a clue, stop harping on everyone for expressing their opinions… I’m not a parent… but I use my Brain to ascertain what might have happened from what little info I am given…
        So next time you want to tell some one to keep their opinion to themselves… well Makes you sound like a ____ and maybe best if you just STFU.

        • Please know all the facts before you make accusations about one party. What you don’t see is the man verbally assault someone with needs and then the women standing up for the young man who cannot do so for himself. The man in the video then physically assaulted the women by throwing her down the stairs of the bus, which is where the video began to record. Yes there was a drink thrown but if you watch the entire video and listen at 7 mins and 10 seconds the little girl even states “why did they say that the drink hit me”. The cops are also involved and have seen the entire transit cameras to validate the truth. So let’s not judge without all the facts.

        • #burn on paige dennie lmao! Mr anonymous ur awesome! These comments are great and hilarious..tell u one thing buddy kept his cool really good..i would knocked that fat broad out minute she hurt my child..props to that man!

  13. Im glad the guy came forward! Kudos to him! Why is it ok for a woman to beat up a guy and throw an iced coffee on a child even if it was meant for the guy. She had no right to do that! If it was my child she threw the drink on i would’ve went full momma bear mode!

    • ACTUALLY. He was yelling at an autistic person and swearing at them. I would have stepped in too asking him not to swear. Maybe he shouldn’t have escalated it.

    • Not saying that’s not what happened, but it’s all just hearsay. Only proof available now is that she admitted she assaulted a child, the man made death threats and the person recording was part of the problem, spending more time being a bystander and creepily filming a child instead of helping

    • They both acted like immature morons. The part before the recording started is all he said/she said. Maybe he was having a really bad day, maybe she got triggered and snapped. Shit happens but publically shaming these people, and posting a video without consent of the rest of the bus patrons, nevermind a CHILD, is the worst possible thing to do. Seems like our camera woman needs to grow up and let adults handle their own problems

    • Sharee Derr Ginkinger exactly! The only judgment I’m making is towards the woman who posted this video completely necessarily, publically shaming everyone involved.

      • never ever trust cell phone footage… it’s usually biased, and or like some peopple caught on.. Bus already have cameras to deal with this shit… but noo get some… probably some young high school gurl ( by sounds of ‘her’ side of story ) to record after all the drama and the to tell bus driver how to do his job…. wow like really bus driver was doing his job, police and city are doing there job… this is REAL LIFE, not CSI where crimes are solved in 24 hours… LMFAO Get Use that Brain you have… if not then don’t expect peopole to take you seriously and learn to take critism and realize everyone has their own opinion/story.. ACCEPT it and move on… stop trying to forcce your opinion down others throats… let people decide for themselves, after all evidence is found.. clearly people haven’t slightest clue how real world works and thats why this city is so far behind, everyone likes to complain about everything with out getting all facts or info… but thats just my opinion, and WTF do I know? 🙂

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