Advisory Committee for Skilled Trades “Big Win” for the Sault

Terry Sheehan MP
Terry Sheehan meets Jamie McMillan (right), Founder of KickAss Careers, at a career-focused event hosted by the Algoma District School Board. McMillan has been appointed to a national advisory committee which will promote the skilled trades across Canada.

Whether building homes, repairing vehicles, or powering our communities, people in the skilled trades provide services Canadians rely on every single day. That is why, in Budget 2019, we announced funding to help more people – including young people and underrepresented groups, like women – pursue a career in the skilled trades.

Terry Sheehan, Member of Parliament for Sault Ste. Marie, says this is a big win for the Sault.

“Over the past decade I’ve heard repeatedly the need for more government promotion and support for Skilled Trades,” said Sheehan, “I’m so pleased that our government has stepped up and invested $6 million in Budget 2019 to create a national campaign to promote the skilled trades to young people.”

The advisory committee will lay the groundwork for a national campaign to encourage apprenticeships and promote the skilled trades as a career of choice. They will lead consultations, explore partnerships, and provide advice to the Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour.

“My professional background is in training, apprenticeships, and getting people working in the skilled trades. This committee will help engage people across Canada to consider skilled trades as a career path, and this means closing the skilled labour gap in the Sault. It’s a big win!” Sheehan said.

“Canadians count on tradespeople every day. They power our industries, keep our vehicles and public transit moving, and build the places we call home. By promoting in‑demand careers in the trades, we can help more young people find good, well-paying jobs and build a stronger economy for the benefit of all Canadians.” — The Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

The advisory committee currently includes the following members, with further announcements to come:

  • Mandy Rennehan, Founder and CEO of Freshco
  • Jamie McMillan, Ironworker and Founder of KickAss Careers
  • Matt Wayland, Executive Assistant to the International Vice-President and Canadian Director of Government Relations for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

“Earlier this year, at a packed careers-focused event hosted by the Algoma District School Board, I had the opportunity to meet Jamie McMillan,” Sheehan said, “she’s an excellent ambassador for Northern Ontario and the Sault on this national advisory committee, and I commend her appointment.”

Canada’s skilled trades workers keep our country running and help our communities thrive. The Government of Canada has made key investments to support skilled trades workers and make sure people in underrepresented groups have the opportunities they need to enter the trades. With this announcement, we are building on these measures, and helping more young people pursue good, well-paying careers in the trades.

“The skilled trades offer well-paying middle class jobs but many young people never consider this as a first choice career option. A national apprenticeship campaign will encourage Canadians to enter the skilled trades, build our communities and keep the Canadian economy growing.” — The Hon. Patty Hajdu, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour

Quick Facts
  • Canada will need 67,000 new journeypersons to sustain our workforce in the 10 largest Red Seal trades by 2023.
  • Young women continue to be less likely than young men to express interest in a career in the skilled trades. According to an OECD survey, only 2 percent of 15-year-old female students were planning to pursue a career in the skilled trades.


  1. Jamie McMillan is.a amazing person who will create jobs .she is my ironworker sister .give her a chance to make changes..we love her here in the states..she has been a one women show glad to see she now has help..THE MOST HONEST PERSON YOU WILL MEET.

  2. Sounds like old budget line items that are being reinvented/reannounced to make it sound like they’re doing this now. Just vote-buying BS dreamed up by their communications weenies. Goodbye Terry. Your leader betrayed you all and the Liberal ship is going down.

  3. It is to bad that a vote for you will be a vote for that liar Trudeau. I will have to find someone else to give my x to.

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