Bay Street – On Budget So Far , Says City


A summer-long reconstruction project of Bay street is so far on budget, but lagging behind schedule.

The 7.5 million dollar price tag to  redesign Bay street from four easterly lanes to two lanes started in late Spring,  but has been slightly delayed due to delays in receiving underground locates from Union Gas according to  Carl Rumiel, Manager of Design and Transportation Engineering. “the project is tracking within budget” Rumiel told ONNtv.

The redesign stretches from Gore Street to Pim Street.  Crews will continue to make it’s way east to Pim Street until the cold weather arrives.

Rumiel said Bay Street should be finished sometime in 2020.


  1. If & when some big store goes into the two vacant ends of the mall, the mall will be busy again & the traffic will be crazy along Bay st.

  2. If you don’t like what city hall has been doing, vote them all out in the next election, fix the problem and go out and vote, time for a change.

  3. GeeSe
    Can yu at least take down the orange crap, so people can get through?!
    Please Honour our Canadians and what what makes our city a better Economy too but 4 lanes and budgeting the dollar on Reality stuff!
    We got the world moving here and does that cost a dollar?
    Hope and pray for What makes better for our Fellow Canadians. And that orange fence pls 🤦🏼‍♀️

  4. The project budget should not be a concern to the city as long as they don’t make changes. A price was tendered and that should be that. I’ve seen the closer to finished product around Gore street and for the amount of traffic that roads sees it’s going to be brutal. It’s a narrow two lane road and once the E-bikes start travelling down it, there will be people getting frustrated trying to drive.

    • If this was Toronto they would put concrete barriers along the street and narrow it to the two lanes and bike lanes to test it out prior. It would prove how well it would work first. There’s no way bike lanes should go where the cars will drive.

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