BBQ Gets Out of hand on Campbell Ave


On August 2, 2019, Sault Ste. Marie fire crews responded to a call of a barbecue fire in the 100 block of Campbell Avenue. The fire started shortly before 12 noon outside of the residence.

Upon arrival fire crews were directed to the rear of the dwelling. Fire crews were able to extinguish and contain the fire. The fire originated from a barbecue in close proximity to the residence and proceeded to ignite the outer area of the dwelling.

Sault Ste. Marie Fire Services would like to remind all patrons to never leave cooking devices unattended. “Stay by your grill, just like you would stay near your stove,” said Public Education Officer Aaron Gravelle. “Remember to check all connections and hoses for before use – you can do this by simply putting soapy water on the hose lines and connections to see if there are bubbles from cracks, damaged lines or failed seals.”

There is extensive fire damage to the residence. All occupants escaped the residence safely. There are no injuries to report.