City Explores Downtown Plaza Again


City Council is being asked to take $110,134 from the Property Purchase Reserve Fund and purchase 535 Queen St East as part of the downtown revitalization during Monday evening’s meeting.

The downtown plaza project is an initiative that is anticipated to create new development and help drive increased tax assessment and property valuations, according to a report in the council agenda.

The report also states that the project will provide space for community events/activity in the downtown year round which will not require the closure of Queen Street. Increasing the number of events and activities is a critical component to revitalizing the downtown and for supporting tourism.

A downtown plaza will also contribute to community pride and morale and provide an attractive downtown space for all ages.


  1. As usual the city never has enough money to back up it’s 30 years too late ideas.
    Any money that they can possibly scrape up needs to go to the falling apart roads, BADLY, nothing else.

    • Wendy Cortesia …getting more shopping means young people need to stop ordering on line and actually going into stores. That’s why they close…not enough foot traffic or sales. That problem needs to focused on first if we hope to avoid more closures.

    • Krystie, I like this idea but your idea is another option and it would get rid of the dilapidated buildings that everyone complains about and also some of the problems that the Gore St. area still has. When they decided to “fix up” Gore St., they didn’t think far enough ahead and spent just as much money as they had to, to please the voters. If they would have created this back then, Gore St. might be a great place to spend time and money and bring families down there. It would also be great for tourists, seeing that that is one of the first areas that they will encounter in our city.

    • Krystle Plastino I Agree, also close every other road between Bay and Wellington St in to foot traffic only and allow licensed entertainers and food stands during peak seasons! Even a Saturday Market through the summer on one of them would be great.

  2. I’m impressed with what has already happened on Queen Street. It has a lot more foot traffic now because the changes are great especially when we now have cruise ships here 21 days this summer. As a cruiser, the town square is where many cruisers start and end a day in port. That’s a wonderful idea and would entice cruisers to spend the day in the down town core and outside establishments. Great for tourism means great for shops, vendors, musicians, etc.

    • I hate the negativity toward anything that’s proposed. I’m elderly, though I don’t usually admit it, and I went downtown and really looked at all the improvements…it’s lovely, inviting outside on a warm day, and cosy inside in many places. The flowers were glorious…what is it that people expect? The waterfront is unexcelled in summer…and I hear, beautiful in winter. But first, you need to get off your lazy ass and walk, ride, jog, skate and enjoy. Our young people are doing their utmost to improve our great city…give them a chance.

  3. A plaza instead of the crappy expensive mall would have been much better. More local businesses can be in it and a few more chains can come. Also we still need a proper grocery store downtown.

    • Angel Wheeler u do know this post isnt talking about the mall at all right? 535 queen street is the empty lot beside stones office supply on queen street…not the mall on bay street

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